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Adobe Launches AI-Centric Features in Experience Platform

Adobe AI-Centric Features

Adobe has now launched new AI-centric features in its Experience Platform (formerly known as the Cloud Platform), dubbed as the “next generation” of its Sensei artificial intelligence and machine learning framework.

At the company’s annual summit conference in Las Vegas last week, the company unveiled a collection of new AI-centric services (currently in beta mode) designed to drive customer engagement and highlight key points in client relationships.

“Success for brands today depends on assessing the evolving needs of customers, curating offerings that match with customer’s decision state and measuring the impact of a firm’s decisions on long-term customer value,” said Abhishek Pani, Senior Director of AI, ML, and Data Science at Adobe. “The customer path is convoluted, with moments spanning digital and physical worlds. While AI has made progress as of late, it’s been siloed within individual teams to refine specific tasks. We’ve yet to see AI truly transform enterprises and power what brands really need — real-time decision making to ultimately drive better customer experiences.”

The three new features launched are:

  1. Customer.AI – Experience Cloud’s Customer.AI tool taps Sensei to recommend ways marketing engagements might be tailored to target specific user segments.
  1. Journey.AI – The other new feature – Journey.AI, continuously analyzes the behavioral data of up to “millions” of users and automatically activates experiences at “optimal” times, with the goal of boosting acquisition and retention.
  1. Attribution.AI – The third feature added to this suite is Attribution.AI, which analyzes resource and marketing investments by leveraging Sensei to make more transparent the impact of owned, earned, and paid media on sales.

“Hundreds of features across Adobe Experience Cloud … have already enabled marketers, data scientists, and others to intelligently automate cumbersome processes and uncover better insights,” said Adobe fellow and VP of technology Anil Kamath. “Adobe’s new AI services are an industry-first and will further elevate the role of AI in the enterprise. [These new features go] beyond novel feature implementations. [They] empower businesses to make mission-critical decisions much better and faster.”

“Many companies today have the appetite to leverage AI, but lack the internal resources and frameworks to do so,” Pani said. “Our new Adobe Sensei services will empower brands to use AI in new ways across an entire organization in real time, driving decision making for the right audience when it counts.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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