A New Gmail Is Coming in July

A New Gmail Is Coming in July

It seems that Google is not done with the updating and overhauling one of their star products as they prepare to roll out the new Gmail this July. We are a couple of weeks away from knowing exactly what we are getting; Google has made clear that the new Gmail is more than a redesign.

As TechCrunch first reported, the new Gmail will come with new features like self-destructive messages, message snoozing, confidential mode, and a sidebar for Google apps like Calendar and third-party services like Trello.

It’s not clear the exact date in which the new Gmail will be available next month, but it will be somewhat early in the month, according to the consensus among experts and insiders. The update will be available for both G-Suite users and regular users.

As Google does with all their significant updates, they will give some grace time for those that want to migrate to the new and updated product. As TechCrunch reports, next month, G Suite administrators will be able to transition all of their users to the new Gmail immediately, but users can still opt out for another 12 weeks. After that, all G Suite users will move to the new Gmail experience; the regular user will have until sometime in September until their accounts migrate automatically to the new Gmail.

In related news, some G Suite accounts are having trouble redeeming codes in Google Play, where a lengthy discussion is taking place, while the Help Forum moderators were trying to get to the root of the problem first.

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
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