7 Types of Hackers You Should Be Aware Of

7 Types of Hackers You Should Be Aware Of

7 Types of Hackers

Over the past year for sure, we have seen cybersecurity hacks and breaches at its worst. From a massive data breach of a credit monitoring company to the hacking of customer information from a fashion retailer, different groups of hackers have done their evil deeds in a variety of ways.

Cybercrime statistics are baffling. According to a 2016 FBI press release, “In the U.S. alone, 2400 complaints of ransomware were reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center for 2015—at a cost of $24 million.”

Hackers are varied creatures and these 7 types could be harmful to your business:

Script Kiddies

Script Kiddies normally don’t care about hacking. They just copy the code and use it for a virus or an SQLi (SQL injection). Script Kiddies are mostly thrill-seeking teens who hack for fun or bragging rights.

White Hat

Also known as ethical hackers, White Hat hackers are the good guys of the hacker world. They will help remove a virus. Most White Hat hackers hold a college degree in IT security or computer science and must be certified to pursue a career in hacking.

Black Hat

Also known as “crackers,” these are the hackers who find banks or other companies with a weak security system and steal money or credit card information. The surprising truth about their method of attack is that they often use common hacking practices they learned before.

Organized criminal gangs

These are known as the cybersecurity mafia. They are mostly professional criminals who abide by rules and ensure all activities are done under the radar.


Nation-states are an organized cybercrime unit that runs internationally with political, economic, and military targets across the globe.

Cyber weapons dealer

This type of cyber-security criminal is experienced and acts as a salesperson. The dealer is often motivated by money and sells software to organized criminal gangs and nation-states.

Red Hat

These are the vigilantes of the hacker world. Instead of reporting malicious hacking behaviors, they shut him/her down by uploading viruses and accessing his/her computer to destroy it from the inside. They leverage multiple aggressive methods that might force the person on the other end to need a new computer.

Knowing the different types of hackers is the first step to being able to prevent a cyber-security attack in the first place, and to be able to stop one before it does a good deal of damage. Further knowledge is important to draft a combat strategy that will help you guard against these types of threats.

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