6 Traits of a Modern End-to-End Cloud-based System

6 Traits of a Modern End-to-End Cloud-based System

6 traits of a modern end-to-end cloud-based system

Good supply chain management is essential to the success of a company. It ensures operational efficiency, customer centricity, compliance, and a carbon footprint. Supply chains can improve customer service, boost a company’s bottom line, and improve the company’s brand when used correctly. Today, the traditional supply chain models are changing due to new regulations, increased buyer expectations, shorter product lifecycles, and fluctuations in demand. Old supply chain systems do not offer the same flexibility, integration, and visibility that organizations need today.

Traditional supply chains can add unnecessary expenses to innovation, and they generally lack the flexibility companies need to respond quickly to a changing landscape. Modern supply chains, on the other hand, are global. This adds challenges, however, with gaining visibility being the most difficult. Visibility is essential for managing risks, reducing costs, and ensuring profitability for a company.

Agility is a key factor modern end-to-end supply chains offer. Greater scalability and agility with more IT flexibility allows for simpler expansion and contraction. Supply chain management in the cloud allows companies to respond to changing demands quickly, by deploying new services.

Traditional supply chain management had a difficult time ensuring information was consistent and easily accessible throughout the enterprise. Supply chain management in the cloud is open, and seamlessly integrated will all IT solutions. Supply chain in the cloud enables real-time collaboration and comprehensive visibility that impacts efficiency and productivity.

Supply chain data is critical, so cloud solutions that support best-in-class security features and offer embassy-grade physical and logical security are important for a company. Supply chain management in the cloud can offer these features better than traditional supply chain management.
Supply chain management in the cloud speeds up deployments and allows management, maintenance, and upgrades to be outsourced. The cloud also offers efficiency benefits and quick access to analytics and social collaboration.

Cloud-based supply chain management solutions offer financial advantages with both established and new organizations. This is because these solutions have low upfront investments and low subscription-based pricing.

Cloud-based supply chain management solutions are fast, flexible, and safe. The cloud does not require companies to transform their entire supply chain at once, but it allows companies to prioritize migration.

Modern end-to-end cloud-based systems are transforming the way companies operate their supply chain management. With the ease of use, lower cost, higher efficiency, higher security and much more, cloud-based supply chain management systems are gaining major traction with companies.

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