5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Analytics

5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Analytics

5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular free tool marketers can use to measure the ROI and effectiveness of your inbound marketing efforts. With Google Analytics, marketers can view the volume, location, and reasons behind website traffic at any given time.

Most business owners only scratch the surface of what is possible with Google Analytics, but we have you covered here with 5 Google Analytics tips and tricks that will help you make the best of this simple tool:

1. Automate your cohort analysis

Many organizations use cohort analysis to understand a class of website visitors, often segmented by a specific attribute over a specific period. Google Analytics can take care of it for you. Imagine that it is the holiday season and you want to know how your marketing efforts are working. Simply automate analytics settings and get insights from all your marketing channels.

2. Drag & drop advanced analytics

By choosing to export to Excel, you can select a line chart in Chart Tools and then follow the Microsoft Office help guide for trend lines. This way you can have the data collected through Google Analytics and gather insights through visual charts.

3. Do previous page and next page analysis

With Google Analytics flow visualization reports, you can see how your visitors navigate through content. Flow visualization maps the starting page as well as subsequent pages from user visitors. This will help you to understand how online traffic flows. The impact would be something like location analytics to a merchandiser.

4. Blend data

There are a lot of options to bring data into Google Analytics. Whether it is customer relationship management (CRM) data, customer records, market research, demographics, or more data sources that you would like to combine with your website data for fuller insights, you can do it all.

5. Share with colleagues

Google Analytics helps you share dashboards with colleagues. This can help filter data and analytics to areas of interest and answer their own questions. This is a huge savings in time and energy for you and your partners.

Want to get the most out of Google Analytics? Click on the link below to watch a quick video and to download the whitepaper. 5 Tips to Get More from Google Analytics

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