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4 Top Live Stream Tools for Small Business

Top Live Stream Tools for Small Business

Small businesses need smart tools to be able to find success – here are some of the top live stream tools to help your business connections.

What are the best live streaming tools to help bring your business to your audience?

Live streaming is an extremely useful tool in helping businesses connect with their audiences. Whether they want to announce a product live to their consumer market or showcase a training to their global employees without bringing them all on site, live streaming is a great modern broadcasting tool that helps teams collaborate better and helps organizations communicate better.

One of the main benefits of Live stream broadcasters is that it helps expedite the flow of knowledge. We live in an information-hungry age, and one of the easiest ways to stay competitive – whether that means retaining the best internal talent or keeping customers interested in your brand instead of another – is to make sure that you’re on the front lines of communication. Businesses that communicate well – efficiently, honestly, straightforwardly – are more engaging and command more attention and respect.

So, what are the best options for small businesses? There are dozens of Live streaming services that can help a business deliver their live videos to the masses, but some are a better fit for small businesses, due to their free-to-low-cost model or usability and customer popularity – it’s always easier to get a customer to engage on a platform or click a link to watch content on a platform they’re already familiar with. Here’s a list of live video streaming tools on digital platforms that can help you step up your communication and engagement.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a great option for small businesses who need a streaming platform for internal team announcements and collaboration. It’s free for most users and can allow up to ten users to broadcast simultaneously. It’s proven to be a good tool for when broadcasting needs to be a 2-way environment and is useful for training, workshops, team status updates, and department reviews.

  1. Vimeo Live

Vimeo, the video platform, has a live broadcasting feature that offers professional-quality streaming for businesses. While it’s not free – about $75 dollars per month – it’s a good option for businesses that want their feed to be accessible in a high-quality format across all devices.

  1. Facebook and Instagram Live

Facebook Live, as well as Instagram Live (which Facebook owns), is proving to be a truly useful tool for businesses that need to communicate with their audiences. From product announcements to seminars to behind-the-scenes video content, Facebook Live has provided businesses with a Facebook account the ability to share content with their audiences where their audiences already spend a lot of time, meaning there’s no separate site to log into. Since it runs as part of the Facebook platform, it’s free. There’s also the bonus of the video is easily archived and easily re-accessed as part of the business’s Facebook page after the broadcast.

  1. Live stream

Live stream bought by Vimeo last year, is one of the original servers of live video streaming on a large scale. Because their focus is quality streaming services, they have a reputation for providing a quality product – as opposed to a convenient add-on to a product that users might already be engaging with. Live stream does offer a free trial for business users to ensure that it meets their need, but all their streaming services do have a monthly cost associated with them.

Live broadcasting is very much a part of the way that businesses engage with internal and external users. Finding the right broadcasting services will depend on both your business needs – what it needs Live streaming for – and resources available – such as funding to pay for the service and staff to troubleshoot if a feed goes down. This list gives you a solid place to start, with very established, user friendly live streaming tools to help meet your small business broadcasting needs.

Marianne Chrisos
Marianne Chrisos
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