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Leadership Development Ideas for Employees

Leadership Development Ideas for Employees

As an HR professional, leadership development activities are important for your employees. Without leadership building activities, your employees will not grow which ensures that your organization will not grow either. If you’re an HR professional looking for great leadership development ideas for employees to grow and learn how to be effective leaders in your organization, here are some leadership exercises for managers to complete with employees to ensure the continued growth of your organization.

Does your organization have any leadership development activities in place to help employees grow?

Here are some leadership development ideas for employees

Develop a Learning Culture

Even the best leadership building activities can’t be started and continued without developing a culture of learning at your organization. When you create an effective and engaging learning culture at your organization, you not only help your employees become more knowledgeable about the business but guarantee the success of your organization as well. Since employees who are motivated to learn, continuously grow, and obtain more knowledge are the most successful employees, make sure your organization nurtures a learning culture.

Teach your employees to learn beyond the classroom, encourage them to find creative solutions to problems, and welcome their opinions and feedback. It’s also important to reward your engaged workers who contribute to your learning culture and obtain input from existing leadership in your organization. When everyone in the organization contributes to the development of a learning culture, your organization will be much more successful.

Share Knowledge

One of the best leadership development activities you can implement is for existing leaders in your organization to share their knowledge. Your organization should cultivate leadership talent and the best way to achieve that is for existing leaders in the organization to share their knowledge with employees. Try having existing leaders provide leadership training and mentorship and coaching. When existing leaders make leadership activities personal, employees feel like they matter to the company more and are much more willing to take on leadership roles.

Experiment with Leadership Development Activities

Since not all leadership activities work for every organization or even every employee, try different experimental leadership building activities to allow your employees to learn insights firsthand. Most people are visual, hands-on learners so when you provide activities for employees to learn skills firsthand, they will better understand those skills and be able to complete tasks much more effectively.

Try implementing management-in-training programs that allow employees to shadow existing leaders in the organization or placing employees in charge of specific programs and projects that will help them develop their leadership skills. You can also try having employees participate in committees to create solutions to problems that the organization faces.

When looking to implement leadership development ideas for employees, make sure you provide your employees with engaging activities that make them want to learn and grow. Since not all leadership development activities work for every employee or every organization, you may have to experiment with different techniques to properly engage employees. When you create a culture of learning at your organization, you will be able to groom employees to take on leadership roles making not only your employees more successful but your organization as well.

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Emily Pribanic
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