HR Tech Conferences and Events to Follow 2018
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HR Tech Conferences and Events to Follow 2018

HR Tech Conferences and Events to Follow 2018

HR conferences help businesses stay up to date with changing technologies in HR.

With growth in HR, it is important to stay up-to-date for the continued benefit of your business. Attending conferences will help any business owner stay ahead of this curve.

There are many HR tech conferences being held in 2018 that business owners and anyone involved in the HR department should attended. These conferences are important to attend due to the new HR trends and technology emerging within businesses. With the amount that human resources technology is progressing, it is important to stay in the loop before a business loses out on important ways to make their company better.

HR Tech Conferences in 2018

The year of 2018 is expected to see a growth in human resources technology, and the best way to get a jump on that technology is to attend an HR conference. Here is a list of some informative HR tech conferences to look forward to in 2018:

  • The first HR tech conference of the year is being held January 31st through February 2nd, the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference.
  • The HRPA 2018 annual conference will also be held January 31st through February 2nd in Toronto, Canada.
  • February will offer the 2018 Communicating Employee Benefits Symposium held from February 1st through the 2nd in New York.
  • In Richmond, Virginia, the Academy of Human Resource Development Conference will be held February 14th through the 17th. This conference will focus on AI and how it is changing the industry.
  • New York will hold another conference, the 18th annual Talent Management Strategies Conference, from February 28th through March 1st. The theme of this conference will be “perform into the future” and will focus on helping organizations prepare for future challenges when it comes to talent acquisition. This is a great conference to attend to get up-to-date on new technology that allows a business to verify the growth and success of the company and its employees.

HR Tech Events to Follow in 2018

While the above tech conferences are some of the best HR conferences to attend this year, there are other conferences that would be great to attend to help with the changing technology in human resources.

  • The 14CP 2018 conference will be held in Scottsdale from March 26th through the 29th. This conference will discuss the implementation of new HR practices.
  • In Las Vegas, there will be a 2018 SHRM talent conference being held April 16th through the 18th. This conference will help with recruitment and talent management.
  • Another great conference to attend this year will be held in Chicago May 17th and 18th. This conference will cover performance management innovation and better ways to engage the workforce.
  • A June 5th through the 7th conference in Miami will discuss strategic talent acquisition. This conference will help businesses optimize talent acquisition and ways to survive in a scarce labor market.
  • Another big HR tech conference being held this year is in Chicago from June 17th through the 20th. The SHRM Conference will focus on business, HR strategy, HR compliance, global HR, professional development, talent management and more.

There are many more HR conferences being held in 2018 that should not be missed. HR is important for every business, and it is necessary to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing HR technology. Not only is it necessary to keep up with new HR technology, it is also important to keep up with the new ways HR is finding potential employees. For a full list of HR conferences being held this year that should not be missed, check out this blog.

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