On Small Business Saturday, Check Out the Top HR Solutions for SMBs

By Techfunnel Author - Published on November 22, 2022
hr solutions for SMBs

Human resource management software enables small organizations to handle fundamental HR activities, like payroll and benefits administration. However, smaller organizations are sometimes unable to buy an HRIS that is completely integrated and covers all use cases.

The simplest method for selecting the ideal HR software solution for your organization is to reassess your criteria and determine which options meet them. In this special guide for Small Business Saturday, we have listed the best HR solutions that tick all the right boxes for SMBs — affordability, ease of implementation, and targeted towards specific HR use cases. Read on to find the best HR solution for you:

1. Rippling

Rippling is one of the finest software packages for small enterprises since it allows for the integration of a variety of HR solutions at any time. In addition to an employee database, the software offers application monitoring, payroll, compensation management, time and attendance, training administration, and onboarding solutions. Furthermore, global payroll services are offered.

Moreover, Rippling is a good option for tech-heavy businesses since its modular system manages not just HR and compensation, but also IT tasks. It allows you to allocate software and computers to new workers as a component of onboarding and offers tools for deprovisioning applications and devices for exiting employees. A system specializing in this arena is crucial since a growing number of businesses operate remotely and depend on technology to do so.

Cost: Starts from $8 per employee per month

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a web-focused human resource management solution for small organizations. The program has several capabilities that are beneficial for small HR departments. These include a roster of employees, time and attendance capabilities, and document management. The self-service HR site is among its most useful features. Employees may access essential HR operations without interacting with a specialist. For instance, you configure processes for leave requests and approvals for business trips.

Bitrix24’s core features are offered for free and could be everything that small enterprises require. If you want HR-specific functionalities, the monthly cost might vary from zero to $159. All subscriptions provide an infinite number of users (another plus for SMBs).

Cost: Free or paid

3. GoCo

Specializing on streamlining the recruitment and onboarding process for fresh hires, GoCo delivers HR services, including excellent benefits and compensation, with a focus on simplifying the hiring and training process.

You may get a sense of the product by taking a complimentary tour of a genuine account and experimenting with the data. GoCo features an HR help center where trained HR specialists offer unrestricted guidance. Requests are processed within one day, although live chat can be provided. Its features encompass the entire employee lifecycle — from recruitment to benefits administration and performance management.

Cost: $5 per employee per month (quote applicable)

4. Connecteam

Connecteam is a mobile-first, communication-focused employee management application. Connecteam enables mobile-ready teams to exchange data on the move by merging time sheets, planning, checklists, messaging, surveys, and polls into a single app. Connecteam offers instantaneous communication with individual people or the full team through one-on-one conversation and the option to communicate updates to the entire group at once. Connecteam also makes it simple to discover a colleague in a small business’s directory and contact them immediately from the app.

Cost: Free and paid (starting at $29 per month for the first 30 users)

5. Zoho People

Because it provides a free plan, Zoho People is an excellent alternative for small enterprises on a budget; it is also free to use by businesses with less than five workers — which includes its personnel database and “paid time off” PTO monitoring features. With the other solutions on this list, it is not feasible to enroll for a central employee repository or PTO tracking without any further steps. If you only require these two tools, you will be required to pay more for one of their more expensive plans.

Zoho People charges between $1.50 and $10 per employee each month for businesses with over five workers. Paid options include recruitment, induction, and digital records management in addition to time monitoring, staffing, and performance management. As your small business scales, you can always integrate Zoho’s larger business operations management suite and support your growth.

Cost: $1.50 per employee per month onwards

6. Sage HR

If you’re concerned about what you want and do not need from the HR management solution,  Sage HR allows you to personalize your software package to include the right and most fitting technologies for your organization. Sage HR utilizes what it terms “modules,” which are collections of tools that may be added or removed. You will always begin with Standard HR + Leave Management. It provides the most fundamental human resource management capabilities, such as a system for employee data, onboarding features for employees, and analytics and reporting for your HR personnel.

You may go all-in, including tools for evaluating staff performance and application monitoring. Or, you may be selective and select only one or two modules, such as staff shift scheduling, that your business requires. The purpose? You don’t overpay for HR software applications you don’t want, since you just pay for the functions you really want.

Cost: $5.50 per employee per month onwards

7. CitrusHR

CitrusHR was developed for small and developing businesses, and its holiday, sick leave, and compensation management capabilities make it easier to manage a rapidly growing workforce. You can access employee information quickly on any device, authorize leaves of absence with ease, and interface with industry-leading accounting systems for simple and direct payroll, all while ensuring GDPR compliance.

CitrusHR also notifies you if your Right to Work documentation is due to expire and may notify you of any changes to the min wage or National Living Wage. In addition to software, CitrusHR provides an in-house team of lawyers and a bespoke HR support team that is on hand to assist you with tricky or difficult situations.

Cost: £2.50 per employee per month

8. RUN Powered by ADP

RUN Powered by ADP HR solution simplifies and expedites your payroll processing. It is supported by powerful technology that streamlines the payroll process, allowing your small business to complete payroll in a flash. With RUN, businesses can choose from a simple payroll solution to a comprehensive suite containing all of the HR services and tools needed to manage a business. With its payroll tools, your small company can perform payroll processing from the workplace or on the go.

Cost: Custom

9. Open HRMS

Open HRMS is an open-source HRM system with a plethora of important features for young enterprises and other small businesses. Its built-in features facilitate the management of evaluations, presence, compensation, transfer, and vacation days.

One will welcome the functionality wherein the tool is divided into modules that enable you to personalize the solution to your specific business requirements. It guarantees that you will not get dragged down by extraneous processes. The best feature of Open HRMS would be that any new functionality can be added as they are deemed necessary. As it is an open-source program, users are allowed to download it, run it on corporate servers, and use it without cost.

Cost: Free

10. Workforce Hub

Workforce Hub is HR software designed specifically for small businesses. It is an integrated system that incorporates HRIS, workforce management systems, compliance capabilities, and team member management analytics. The HR software offers industry-specific solutions for buildings, hotels, and healthcare, among others.

Workforce Hub’s basic monthly plan begins at $6 per employee. It covers scheduling, application tracking, benefits administration, and PTO management. A la carte services, such as time and attendance monitoring, are also available for $4 per employee each month, and a specialized application tracking system costs $95 per enterprise per month.

Cost: $6 per employee per month onwards

Final Thoughts

HR management software may have a significant impact on an SMB, especially in today’s dynamic marketplace. According to research conducted on a national scale, 66% of small company owners are positive about 2023 and anticipate increasing profits. HR solutions designed specifically for SMBs are essential for this growth, especially during a period when hybrid work must be sustained over the long term. Keep these insights and the HR solution recommendations shared in this article handy as you prepare for Small Business Saturday and beyond!

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