Dr. Britt Andreatta Releases New Brain-Based Team Training

By TechFunnel Newswire - Last Updated on August 27, 2020
Dr. Britt Andreatta -New Brain-Based Team Training

Four Gates to Peak Performance™ provides an easier and faster way to engage and educate leaders on building high-performing teams

PRESS RELEASE — SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA — Dr. Andreatta’s Santa Barbara-based training company, Britt Andreatta Training Solutions, is excited to announce that the Four Gates to Peak Performance™, a new brain science-based approach to creating high-performing teams, is now available as a training solution for all types of organizations.

The online certification program is self-paced and uses micro-learning and other best practices in brain-based learning. Trainers get immediate access to training materials and can be delivering the content in as little as two weeks. The extensive training includes content for every member of an organization with specific sessions for executives, team leaders, and team members. “Learners not only become familiar with the brain science of teams and the Four Gates to Peak Performance model, but they also gain specific strategies and tools for creating and maintaining high-performing teams,” says Dr. Andreatta.

This brain-based model has proven to be highly effective in building high-performing teams. In this online certification program, organizations can:

  • Discover how to create what scientists call neural synchrony and rhythm of team, the hallmark of peak-performing teams.
  • Learn how to assess and develop psychological safety as well as belonging and inclusion.
  • Explore the crucial differences between the three types of teamwork and the necessary skills to be successful at each.
  • Gain strategies appropriate for each level of leadership—senior executives, team leaders, and team members—to develop and sustain high performing teams

Both independent consultants and in-house training staff can become certified in the Four Gates to Peak Performance™ model and immediately receive access to the extensive Facilitator’s Kit.

The kit includes:

  • 4 visually stunning presentation decks with content specific to team leaders, team members, and executives—each has a learning arc of ground-breaking content that drives “aha moments” and behavior change
  • 30+ videos of Dr. Andreatta teaching the content, which you can use to learn how to deliver the content and/or show to your audiences
  • 35+ hands-on activities to create great teams with hand-on practice and application
  • 3 timer movies you can insert into the deck to keep exercises and discussions on track
  • 1 copy of the book Wired to Connect: The Brain Science of Teams and a New Model for Creating Collaboration and Inclusion (PDF)
  • Learn directly from Dr. Britt Andreatta through micro-learning videos and online interactions and discussions

Individuals and organizations can also access the new eGuide (https://www.brittandreatta.com/e-guide-building-high-performing-teams/) and other materials at Britt Andreatta’s official website: https://www.brittandreatta.com/training/training-programs/four-gates-to-peak-team-performance/.

If you are interested in the latest findings from neuroscience and what differentiates high-performing teams from the rest, please contact us at press(at)brittandreatta.com.

About Dr. Britt Andreatta

Dr. Britt Andreatta is an internationally recognized thought leader who uses her unique background in leadership, neuroscience, psychology and learning to create brain science-based solutions for today’s workplace challenges. She is the former Chief Learning Officer for Lynda.com and her research is transforming the learning/talent industry. With over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 100/500 corporations, educational and government institutions, and non-profits, Britt is known for helping people and organizations rise to their potential. Visit Training.BrittAndreatta.com to learn more about her science-based learning solutions on teams and change.

Follow Britt Andreatta on Twitter @BrittAndreatta and on LinkedIn.

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