Chris Colborn Heads to Lippincott to Lead Innovation Practices
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Chris Colborn Heads to Lippincott to Lead Innovation Practices

Chris Colborn Heads to Lippincott to Lead Innovation Practices

Colborn will join Lippincott’s management and executive leadership team and lead the company’s brand strategy and design teams. 

Global creative consulting agency, Lippincott announced that Chris Colborn has joined the firm as Chief Experience Officer. He will operate out of the company’s New York office.

Colborn’s has a profound skill set in the areas of design, innovation, and business change management will move forward Lippincott’s capacity to build unique experiences, products, and solutions that will increase brand value and business development.

Colborn will join Lippincott’s management team and lead the company’s design and development phases.

“I was attracted by Lippincott’s amazing heritage at the intersection of brand strategy and design—we value rigor and craft in equal measure, and that’s never going to change—even as we continuously adapt our offerings to new market realities,” said Colborn. “Brands today are built through the experience they deliver and enable. The opportunities to connect with customers in new and meaningful ways is greater than ever. Lippincott is uniquely positioned to help clients leverage disruption to build margin, loyalty, and growth, which are the hallmarks of a great brand.”

Colborn continued, “I’m also excited to act as a bridge between Lippincott and Oliver Wyman. Our investment in Innovation will cut across and exponentially multiply Oliver Wyman’s hard-earned depth across industry verticals, enabling breakout solutions that leverage years of learning, while leaning into the future.”

Colborn said he will probably develop the technology work on, augmenting ability and extending its capacities until the point when it’s a main offering that is never again observed as an unmistakable practice yet one that is incorporated with Lippincott’s different contributions. Amid his residency at R/GA, he worked with brands including Nike, Beats, Samsung, Nokia, Verizon, Bradesco and McCormick, while additionally coaching new businesses through R/GA Venture Studio. Colborn explained he was attracted to Lippincott by its “amazing heritage at the intersection of brand strategy and design.”

Rick Wise, Lippincott’s CEO, said “Chris excels at uncovering novel whitespace where technology disruption meets emerging behavior. We are thrilled he has joined the Lippincott team not only to grow our Innovation practice, but to help drive continuous innovation across all of our core capabilities.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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