7 HR Automation Tools to Build a Successful Recruitment Process
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7 HR Automation Tools to Build a Successful Recruitment Process

7 HR Automation Tools to Build a Successful Recruitment Process

There are many HR automation tools on the market helping HR professionals be more successful at their jobs and giving them peace of mind.

HR automation tools are revolutionizing all aspects of HR processes from hiring and resource optimization to performance management and applicant tracking. Human resource information systems are changing the game for HR professionals and enriching the global HR market. In fact, by 2025, human resource management is estimated to by a $30 billion market, according to Grand View Research.

HR automation tools are not only streamlining HR processes but allowing HR professionals to focus more on employees.

As big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things continue to transform human resources management systems, there are many HR automation tools on the market that can significantly improve your HR processes.

Top HR Automation Tools

From manual repetitive tasks to essential HR processes, HR automation tools can not only let you work smarter but spend less time on tasks that don’t add much value to your organization.


This internal communication and social sharing tool allows companies to have a better exchange of ideas, collaborate across teams, implement clear information flow, and allows everyone in the organization to network with the right people. With Yammer, your HR management system will operate more smoothly with notifications of group developments and its ability to translate to over 25 languages. With Yammer, your HR team will have a secure place to conduct one-on-one conversations with employees and exchange sensitive information.


This end-to-end HR automation tool allows HR managers to focus on employee, not processes. BambooHR is a cloud-based solution that allows HR professionals to track employee training and mentoring, manage leaves and time-off, monitor and report performance, monitor compensation structures, reduce paperwork, and process requests and approvals. What makes BambooHR an excellent human resource information system is its ability to notify HR managers when human intervention is required allowing them to automate all processes unless absolutely necessary.


This time management app allows HR professionals to monitor the number of time employees spend on tasks each day. Toggl is an excellent HR management system because it allows HR managers to reassess strategies and allocate time and resources more effectively. With Toggl, you’ll be certain that all resources are being used effectively and efficiently.


One of the best HR automation tools on the market, Slack offers many integration features to automate certain parts of the HR process and make the employee journey easier. Slack is an excellent human resource management system because it allows HR managers to streamline onboarding and create a resource destination for all employees and it increases transparency in public discussions whenever possible. Slack also offers social channels and visible recognition to improve company culture.


This applicant tracking system offers an easy to understand interface that is customizable allowing HR professionals to optimize their entire recruiting process. By integrating Greenhouse with your HR management system, you’ll be able to find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions that will improve the success of your company.


This intelligent learning platform allows employees to learn anytime, anywhere. Skillsoft is a great addition to your human resource information system because it is cloud-based allowing employees to access new training materials from anywhere. Skillsoft is designed to engage learners, making training much easier for HR managers to administer. Available in 160 countries and in 29 languages, Skillsoft offers consistent, localized training that helps global employees work together effectively.


This onboarding platform is designed to inform new employees about all company policies and procedures, perks and benefits available to staff, and other essential information like code of conduct and company FAQs and values. From performance reviews to office culture, Namely is an all-in-one HR platform that engages companies as a whole.

There are many HR automation tools on the market designed to make HR and recruitment processes more efficient and effective. From applicant tracking systems to human resource information systems designed to manage benefits and payroll, HR automation tools are making the lives of HR professionals much easier.

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