Top Fintech Influencers to Follow on Twitter
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Top Fintech Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Top Fintech Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Influencers help industry professionals stay relevant in their industry.

There are many fintech influencers on Twitter that are beneficial for professionals in the industry to follow to stay up-to-date on fintech news and progression.

Influencers are all over the internet specializing in many different areas. When it comes to influencers, it is not only young audiences that trust their opinions, it’s all ages in all types of industries. To become an influencer, a user must be trusted and respected by their audience. They must also be skilled and knowledgeable in their field and share this high-quality information with their audience. To be an influencer, a user must also have a great audience reach.

Top Fintech Influencers to Follow on Twitter

These top 15 fintech influencers are masters in their field and share their knowledge with their audiences regularly. There are many more fintech experts on Twitter and it is important for companies, especially financial companies, to follow as many fintech influencers as they can. Influencers not only help get the most recent and pertinent news out to their followers, they can easily improve the reach and influence a company has. When companies connect with influencers in their industry, those influencers can then use their platform to educate their audience about that company. Influencers are trusted in their fields and can have an extremely beneficial impact on companies.

Fintech Speakers at This Year’s Money Conference

This year, the future of money and technology will be discussed in Dublin, Ireland at MoneyConf 2018. This conference will feature over 60 speakers, all fintech experts and ready to share their knowledge with the thousands of attendees. Many of the speakers are CEOs and Co-Founders of their company and have amazing knowledge and first-hand experiences that can help anyone involved in the fintech sector better themselves. A few of the speakers include:

  • Square’s CFO, Sarah Friar
  • TransferWise’s Co-Founder & CEO, Kristo Kaarmann
  • Deutsche Bank’s CDO, JP Rangaswami
  • ConsenSys’s Co-Founder & CEO, Joseph Lubin
  • European Banking Federation (EBF)’s Chief Policy Officer, Sebastien de Brouwer
  • Kabbage’s Co-Founder, President & COO, Kathryn Petralia
  • N26’s Founder & CEO, Valentin Stalf
  • Keiser Report’s Founder & Host, Max Keiser
  • 500 Startups’ Head of Greater China, Edith Yeung

These are a small sample of the amazing fintech experts that will be speaking at this year’s MoneyConf 2018. It will be beneficial for anyone involved in the fintech sector to attend this conference for the amazing learning and networking opportunities.

The merge between financial and technology industries is changing the way financial institutions conduct their operations and communicate with their customers. Things like mobile banking, 24/7 access to questions and answers and banking automation have changed the way people all around the world are handling their financial needs. Technology is enhancing many industries, with the financial industry being a major one.

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