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Top Eight Financial Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Top Eight Financial Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Influencers on Twitter to help anyone learn more about the finance sector.

These eight Twitter influencers know a thing or two about finance and their abundance of Twitter followers agree.

Twitter is an excellent place to follow influencers and experts in many fields of business. When people and organizations follow experts in their industry, they can learn valuable information not only about the business sector but also great ways to attract more followers to their own pages.

These are the top five, plus three more, men financial influencers and financial experts to follow on Twitter.

Bradley Leimer is a managing director, startup advisor, investor, writer, speaker, head of fintech strategy at Explorer Advisory & Capital and passionate about making banking better, as he states in his Twitter profile. He has over 116,000 tweets with over 73,000 likes. Bradley tweets a lot about finance and technology and shows his sarcastic personality in much of his tweets. With almost 40,000 followers, you too can become one by following @leimer on Twitter.

Austan Goolsbee is an economics professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, a former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors and a strategic partner at 32 Advisors which are all just fancy words to guarantee he knows a thing or two about money and its effects on society. Austan has over 75,000 followers and many enjoy his hilarious outlook on life and money. Follow him on Twitter, @Austaan_Goolsbee and see what all the fuss is about.

Aswath Damodaran is another sarcastic finance lover that is fascinated by finance and markets. He enjoys writing about them but loves teaching about them even more. Aswath has many informative tweets under his belt about all things finance. You can follow him, @AswathDamodaran, on Twitter and join his over 78,000 other followers. He is, though, only following 3 users himself but this could be because he has amnesia or insomnia, I’m not sure which one and neither is he.

Mark Dow is a hedge fund manager and an economist. He obviously loves his dog and monkeys with guns but don’t let that scare you. Mark knows what he’s talking about but don’t take my word for it, take the word of his over 41,000 followers and over 13,000 likes on Twitter. As an economist, Mark thinks money makes the world go ‘round and his over 68,000 tweets prove it. See what Mark thinks about finance, @mark_dow on Twitter or at the very least, see a picture of his very sweet dog on a paddle board.

Peter Aceto is the Co-founder of eQuoshift, the ex-CEO of Tangerine and an advisor at Tribal Scale. Even though he’s from Canada (kidding!) he’s still smart when it comes to matters of finance. Peter is a little more serious than the other financial jokesters on this list but that doesn’t mean his followers don’t like his tweets (although 138 isn’t a lot). Peter still has over 23,000 followers who love to hear how serious he is about his work. Follow him, @PeterAceto on Twitter for a serious talk about money.

Ralph Acampora claims he is the godfather of technical analysis and his over 27,000 followers seem to agree. Whether this is true or not, he sure seems to know a little something about the subject seeing as he is an instructor at New York Finance. Ralph lives in New York with his dog, or spouse, I’m not sure which is pictured in his profile pic but either way, they’re beautiful! Follow Ralph, @Ralph_Acampora on Twitter for all things technical analysis.

Joseph A. LaVorgna is a Wall Street economist and CNBC contributor. New York seems to spit out a lot of economists and Joseph is no different. He contributes to CNBC so you know he might know what he’s talking about. Although his profile picture looks like he’s confused about life, he certainly isn’t about economics and his over 27,000 followers agree. Get a first-hand look at his thoughts about economics and money on his Twitter page, @Lavorgnanomics.

Jack Salzwedel is a chairman and CEO of American Family Mutual Insurance Company and boy does this guy like to tweet. Having almost as many tweets as the president, Jack proudly has over 11,000 tweets under his belt. What is there to be prouder of? The over 13,000 likes people have about things Jack has said! Jack likes to post about his company and himself an equal amount but his over 10,000 followers don’t mind. Join in on Jack’s fun and tweet at him, @AmFamJack. As a CEO, he has plenty of time to tweet back.

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