The Role of Robo-Advisors in Fintech

By Yash Chauhan - Last Updated on April 4, 2018
Role of Robo Advisors in Fintech

Robo-advisors are critical to helping firms cut costs and enable wealth management.

Robo advisors are an automated asset allocation method for investments through computer based algorithms. The main point of this article is to provide insight on how these advisors are changing the fintech world.

Role of Robo Advisors in Fintech

Financial advisory has become one of the fastest facing sectors that are impending transformational change. Robo advisors have come to be a technology that has impacted the financial department in many different aspects through offering advice on investment, also minimizing both cost and conflict of interest. Through this it has created assisted cost minimization, and very accurate investment advice.

Within this new technology, financial advisors offer investment management or financial advice online using less intervention since it is moreover based on algorithms. These new factors that are implemented in Robo-advisors are faced with the use of computer algorithms, by choosing appropriate investments mainly based upon time, and risk tolerance. Robo-advisors and their place in the future focuses on the primal role it will pay in our society.

This class of advisors emerged as a body that is offering to fill the gap between human interaction, and so-called self-directed advisors. Robo-advisors are looked as the breakthrough in wealth management due to being able to bring services with low cost in comparison to current wealth management institutions. Being able to be given client’s opportunities towards choosing active asset management, or passive allocation technique of assets have changed the game. Allocating client assets in numerous investment products such as real estate, stocks, bonds, funds, and retirement options. There are also various ways that clients will be able to use a mean-variance optimization method to fundamentally rational out how they look at their financials.

Who is using Robo-Advisors?

Before robo-advisors even became an option, there were only two options out there for most people, those two being managing your investments yourself, or hiring a financial advisor to help you. In our generation, today, there are a lot of younger investors compared to ever before since there are so many more resources out there for making investments. Currently, robo advisors are being used by RIAs, and financial advisors, this is simply because rather than competing against the Robo-advisors, companies have decided it would be better to work in parallel with them to allocate more strategy and create higher benefits. Overall, the best thing you can want as an advisor is efficiency.

Another group of people that are using robo-advisors is the retirees since the growing number of baby boomers are coming towards retirement. This method of advisors has become very attractive towards them, specifically creating a bigger impact in terms of demographics in the generic financial advisor market, which is why robo-advisors should allocate most of their marketing resources to target this group of people.

The main basis of argument for robo-advisors is that, can computers start giving us financial advice on how we should allocate our money? The basis of a robo-advisor is to simply create an automated asset distribution method for investments through the use of algorithms. This is overall a good thing for the capitalist market that we currently have in the United States, moreover, whatever helps us get away from the high costs of financial advisors, there is a ton of positive competition in our market.

There are a ton of Robo advisors in our market today, such as: Acorns, Betterment, Clink, Ellevest, and Hedgeable just to name a few. Overall, using robo-advisors might be good for you if you’re young, have a fundamentally simple portfolio, and lastly a lack of investment experience, if you’re unsure where to begin.

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Yash Chauhan | I am a driven entrepreneur with a big vision and have many versatile expertise in different fields of focus. I am self-motivated, enthusiastic, and...

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