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Swit Raises $6 Million for Startup Costs

Swit Raises $6 Million for Startup Costs

Despite a marketplace full of workplace applications, a new company called Swit has emerged. Their workplace applications have messaging and tools for productivity, task management, calendars, and charts. It offers companies and teams freedom from integrations.

Originally based in Seoul, the company moved to the San Francisco area and recently raised $6 million in startup funds. This funding is from Korea Investment Partners, Hyundai Venture Investment Corporation, and Mirae Asset Venture Investment.

The company now has over $7 million in seed money to fund its products. Their new desktop and mobile applications came out in March. Now, over 450 companies use their applications. The company was started last year by CEO Josh Lim and Max Lim. Prior to Swit, the Lims owned an auction site in Korea that was purchased by eBay.

Swift knows that the market is saturated, but their applications offer several collaboration applications that others don’t. It is a seamless platform where users do not have to go back and forth between two platforms. Josh Lee says that most companies use two messaging apps, and four to seven collaboration apps to do business. The Swit staff found that working with multiple applications reduced the team’s effectiveness and productivity.

With market research, they found that companies departments used different apps to communicate and this often-created friction. The Swit app wants to cover all the bases on one application or product. Their premium tier for enterprise companies has the option of full integration with Office365 and GSuite. Swit has faced the challenge of convincing users to switch to their product, after entering the market late. When customers see a demo of the products must register to buy or use it.

The company recently released a migration tool that allows users of Slack to come over to Swit. Tools for migration on other apps are planned. Their applications are designed for small and large businesses. Another advantage is that it works on both mobile and desktops.

Many of their clients are recommending their product to other customers. Sourabh Ahuja, the CPO of GSVlabs a user of Swit has recommended their product to the 350 startup companies in their business network.

To learn more about Swit and its applications and products visit the website.

Danni White
Danni White
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