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MEDSiS Partners with WTIA (World Token Issuing Alliance) to Support the Argentinian Trade Union, SUPOFEPRA to Provide a New Financial Ecosystem Built on Blockchain Using Stablecoins

MEDSiS Partners with WTIA to Support SUPOFEPRA

MEDSiS Partners with WTIA (World Token Issuing Alliance) to Support the Argentinian Trade Union, SUPOFEPRA to Provide a New Financial Ecosystem Built on Blockchain Using Stablecoins

PRESS RELEASE — SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — MEDSiS International, a U.S. based identity management and financial services company, announced a new partnership with WTIA (World Token Issuing Alliance). This partnership is responsible for identifying, registering, and banking more than 6.8 million individuals that belong to SUPOFEPRA (a union dedicated to providing services to individuals in the merchant and trade industry) throughout Argentina.

This contract with SUPOFEPRA was executed with the express intent of using technology to register each union member with biometrics and blockchain-based ID management. Once registered, the monthly union dues and payment services required for the daily operations of each union member would be digitized using a mobile banking platform. This would link to a payment card and could be accessible through biometric portals or participating banks or agencies. This move to the adaptation of a new digital currency is expected to result in large-scale job creation in Argentina.

The collaboration on the SUPOFEPRA contract is based on it being one of the first of its kind where a government-backed contract will provide those newly banked individuals the tools and access to participate in this proprietary cryptocurrency (stablecoin) and global banking platform. “Maxwell”, MEDSiS’ cryptocurrency is one area where WTIA plays a significant role in this collaboration. WTIA’s expertise in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain has positioned them to launch their own regulated exchange with an ability to lower transactional costs of the merchants while improving the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of transactions. WTIA’s platform also can complete transactions under one second and is able to scale to more than 20,000 transactions per second, which is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

WTIA Chairman, Keun Young Kim, highlighted the potential impact of this move, “With the issuance of this stablecoin, about 15% of the total population of 45 million people in Argentina will be able to use it conveniently without the need for a physical bank account.”

CEO of MEDSiS, Joshua Dax Cabrera, said, “We will expand the partnership to Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, and other members of Latin American Free Trade Association (LAFTA). It is part of our global vision of Smart Job Creation.”

About MEDSiS

MEDSiS is an Identity Management and Big Data company that helps countries know their people. Bringing innovative and simple solutions to fix not just financial needs, but instilling in the population, the confidence of leadership while securing the individual’s identity. The key to everyone’s empowerment starts with their identity. MEDSiS is the first private company to have a government blockchain contract.

About WTIA

WTIA (World Token Issuing Alliance) is the advisory and capital market solution of some of the biggest real-world blockchain projects in the world. Projects include sovereign-level assetization programs, utility-token driven business models for listed companies, tokenized infrastructure securities, high technology applications, and much more. Governments and large corporations seeking a new paradigm in management, asset utilization, business development, and stakeholder engagement have joined the WTIA.

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