Kustomer Raises $26 Million to Streamline Modern Customer Service
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Kustomer Raises $26 Million to Streamline Modern Customer Service

Raising $26 million from a Round B series that totaled $38.5 million in funds, CRM platform Kustomer announced will use the new resources to expand its platform and focus on ‘intelligence, integrations, and enterprise capabilities’.

The round was led by Redpoint Ventures, followed by Canaan Partners, Boldstart Ventures, Social Leverage, and Cisco Investments participation. Redpoint Venture’s partner Tomasz Tunguz will join Kustomer’s board of directors.

“It is time for disruption in the customer support industry, and Kustomer is leading the way with an impressive traction to date, and we are confident the world’s best B2C and B2B companies will be able to utilize the platform in order to develop meaningful relationships, experiences, and lifetime value for their customers,” said Thomas Tunguz.

The Omnichannel opportunity that Kustomer represents will force the company to double its team within the next year, to expand in the U.S. and abroad. With this new funding, Kustomer can become more customer-centric.

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
Journalist with 15 years of experience covering the verge between culture, tech and business lives in the Mexico Silicon Valley witnessing his bloom.
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