IoT Applications for Blockchain
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IoT Applications for Blockchain

IoT Applications for Blockchain

IoT applications for Blockchain have been on a dramatic rise because they provide new opportunities and a great aggressive advantage for businesses.

IoT and blockchain provide new opportunities and a more competitive advantage for businesses.

Even though the cryptocurrency markets are incredibly volatile, the technology within these markets is a technology that will never burst. Blockchain technology goes far beyond the current implications set up for financial transactions. Blockchain technology has been on a dramatic rise within these last 12 months, including the counterpart within the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT applications for Blockchain have been on a dramatic rise because they provide new opportunities and a great aggressive advantage for businesses. How do both IoT applications and Blockchain work together?

There are two main types of Blockchain. In public Blockchain, everyone has access to reading/writing the data. An example is how bitcoin has implemented this Blockchain because everyone can write this. Private Blockchain, however, is used mostly amongst companies that are in the same entity. The technology that is built around Blockchain helps track millions of transactions that are corresponding to the connected devices creating more efficiency towards the IoT applications. Blockchain creates a ledger/record for the devices that are used when transferring any kind of information, so this feature permits unassailable history of what peer to peer network is used. Blockchain helps create many different positive scenarios that are almost impossible without the technology set up through Blockchain.

There is an incredibly high emphasis towards the different connections between Blockchain IoT applications, more specifically, towards Blockchain IoT use cases because there must be different areas where Blockchain and IoT coincide. The case focuses on IoT and security such as user verification, and other types of authentication methods. Security is another big subject when it comes to this new technology, but Blockchain can create security within IoT applications. Blockchain technology can reduce risk on many different levels within IoT applications. The Blockchain model is secure, but the database can only be extended. When you combine IoT within the chain, there is a secure model within Blockchain IoT security.

IoT Blockchain startups have also started to pop up more since this technology is readily being used. This area of technology is a change within the entire industry and can create a huge foundation for newly found innovation within the entire Blockchain technology. Companies like Xage are building a security fabric for IoT, which allows the technology set within Blockchain and IoT applications to create a more protected, less risk area for devices to connect. This technology can give more companies confidence to enter this race and Xage strongly believes that this is going to be the best resolution to the problem they face.

There are many in-depth benefits and challenges in IoT and Blockchain convergence, but there are many advantages towards creating more innovation through machines to create safe and secure communications through Blockchain/IoT technology. Blockchain also offers a ton of potential towards the improvement of security for IoT applications, and a large portion of the data that is gathered by IoT is very personal information. An example of this is Alexa (smart home device) that various specifics/routines. Creating more access between both networks will help create fewer security risks and business risks.

Yash Chauhan
Yash Chauhan
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