Honeycomb Raises Nearly $12 Million to Help Companies Monitor Tech Infrastructure 
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Honeycomb Raises Nearly $12 Million to Help Companies Monitor Tech Infrastructure 

When it comes to tech infrastructure development, there is a plethora of options available, be it tools or services. A major challenge for some of the top players is to retain a leadership position amidst this stiff, strenuous competition. However, one company seems to have an answer to this problem – Honeycomb, which recently completed a successful Series A round of funding.

This round of funding raised around $11.5 million, which was headed by e.Ventures. There were other participants as well, such as Storm Ventures and players like NextWorld Capital and Merian Ventures. The details were disclosed in a blog by Honeycomb. With this successful fund raising, the total amount raised by Honeycomb is now $15.5 million.

The flagship product of the San Francisco-based company is an interactive dashboard that is used for monitoring and finding problems while it suggests the best way to fix the problems.

Organizations who are into the business of web services will always encounter a problem or a bug. However, with Honeycomb’s dashboard, they can detect these bugs at a very early stage. This will stop the problem before it goes beyond a resolution point.

Today, companies have constantly innovated the processes in running a tech business, which is evident from the latest concepts like microservices and containers. Both these concepts enhance performance to a great level. Honeycomb offers subscriptions to its monitoring service priced according to how much data you wish to feed its tools.

Honeycomb is co-founded by CEO, Charity Majors, and Christine Yen. Commenting on this new development, Christine stated in their blog, “Observability is as essential for developers as for operators when it comes to understanding what’s happening with our code. It’s all about answering questions about your system using data—and during the development process we’ve got lots of questions that aren’t necessarily problems or anomalies: the questions are about what ‘normal’ is, which customer or cohorts are experiencing something specific.”

Majors stated, “A new metrics, monitoring, or logging company enters the market every month. And yet, the pain of debugging, or even understanding, distributed systems goes unaddressed. We believe an investigative, exploratory approach is required to understand the behavior of the kinds of inherently complex systems we’re building today. Honeycomb’s mission is to provide engineers a way to build and check their intuition about the behavior of their code as it gets manipulated and worked in real life. This is what we mean when we say observability.”

According to Yen, they have had customers stating that Honeycomb has helped in solving problems, which most vendors would give up on.

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon
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