12 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange to Consider

By Danni White - Published on March 5, 2021
cryptocurrency exchange to know

A cryptocurrency exchange or digital currency exchange will allow you to trade cryptocurrency tokens. There are various cryptocurrency exchanges that are offering the best tokens to trade. However, to make your trade more successful and profitable, choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange is vital.

Here is an overview of cryptocurrency as well as the best exchange to use to buy cryptocurrency. For those who are interested in cryptocurrency trends in the coming years, view our article on the biggest trends in cryptocurrency.

About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is basically terms used for digital currencies that are designed to function just like our real money. This is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to fiat money. Even more, people prefer to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to make some profit in return.

Bitcoin is the oldest and best cryptocurrency to buy now. Most commonly people prefer best cryptocurrency exchange rates to make the most out of their cryptocurrency investment. However, when it comes to choose the best cryptocurrency to invest, then go with the one that has more market cap and profit potential.

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12 Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange is another important thing to make a profitable crypto trade. So, let’s get to know some amazing options in regard to the best exchange to buy cryptocurrency below:

  1. Coinbase

    Whenever it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase is one of the most prominent and most talked about names. This exchange can let you buy, sell, transfer and store any of your preferred cryptocurrency. It can even store your digital assets in offline storage securely. This platform is accessible for users from more than 100 countries.

    • Buy, sell, store and keep track of your digital assets.
    • App available for both iOS and android
    • Schedule trading as per your feasibility
    • The largest and best exchange to buy cryptocurrency
  1. Binance

    Binance is another best exchange to buy cryptocurrency which can let you trade and store above 150 different cryptocurrencies. You can integrate an API to currency trading application through online program.

    • It offers a wider range of tools for trading.
    • 24/7 support service available.
    • Compatible to use with android, iOS, web, PC client.
    • It has both advance and basic exchange interfaces.
  1. FTX.com

    This is a revolutionary best exchange to buy cryptocurrency, which has stormed the scene within previous 6 months. It is offering some amazing and cool products to offer more benefits to the users.

      • Special Erc-20 tokens based on Ethereum to offer 3x long or short on any underlying crypto.
      • FTX has taken perpetual contracts to a new level.
      • It offers amazing BTC hash rate feature.

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  1. CEX.io

    This is the best cryptocurrency exchange for fiat to crypto exchange. Most amazingly, it is offering advanced trading features that are pretty easier to use even for beginners. It can let you transfer your funds using PayPal Debit MasterCard, Visa card or Master Card.

    • Users are allowed to trade USD
    • Offers protection against DDOS attacks
    • High leverage trading is allowed
    • It provides support platforms like web and mobile.
  1. Local Bitcoins

    This is an amazing exchange option for peer-to-peer trading. It can let you trade from fiat to bitcoin and help you to hold your digital assets securely.

    • Use this platform to transfer your funds into bitcoin or fiat without any regulations.
    • Trade bitcoin from anywhere all around the world.
    • For more authentic exchange, you can trade with a buyer or seller who has earned higher reputation rankings.
  1. Bitfinex

    This is one of the most advanced exchange to transfer fiat to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trading.

    • It offers large trading volumes with advanced trading techniques.
    • It offers an extensive range of features for both beginner and advanced traders.
    • It offers an amazing range of fiat and crypto coins pair for you to trade.
  1. Bittrex

    This is the best cryptocurrency exchange that offers crypto to crypto trading only. The exchange is designed with security in mind more than anything else.

    • Advanced security features
    • US-based best exchange to buy cryptocurrency
    • It keeps client’s digital assets in cold storage
    • A robust system for users’ verification for enhanced security.
  1. Coinmama

    It is another the best cryptocurrency exchange to get cryptocurrency via credit or debit card. It can offer you instant coin delivery.

    • Buy coins in limit based on the application.
    • Get the opportunity to buy your preferred crypto from multiple available options.
    • 24/7 support is available for users.
  1. Kraken

    This is another older, largest and the best cryptocurrency exchange which has improved a lot over time. in the entire cryptocurrency space, this is one of the most trustworthy option to buy and hold cryptocurrency.

    • It will let you trade in both fiat and cryptocurrency.
    • It offers an extensive number of pairs available to trade.
    • Contains all the advanced trading features to offer you an amazing experience.
  1. Changelly

    This is another option in our list of what is the best cryptocurrency exchange. This amazing option can let you buy crypto with a bank card faster. It is offering the facility of trading LTC, ETH, BTC, XRP.

    • See the best currency rates in the market.
    • No verification is required for transactions.
    • API is available for more features.
    • It offers best cryptocurrency exchange rates with lowest fees
  1. Prime XBT

    This is a next-generation crypto exchange for fiat to crypto trading. It is offering various amazing features for its users to make their cryptocurrency trading experience next level amazing in the best possible way. This exchange can be the best option for the traders who want to capitalize in the short-term change of prices of the top 5 cryptocurrency coins.

    • It will let you access an amazing range of trading tools.
    • Experience extremely high leverage trading to reap more benefits
    • You can fund your account directly using bitcoins and indirectly via fiat currency.
  1. BitMEX

    This is the best cryptocurrency exchange for the ones who want to boost their purchasing power for bigger and faster profits.

    • It offers 100X leverage to provide you more benefit.
    • It offers more potential to boost your gains.
    • Suitable for aggressive traders.

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Final Thoughts

That is all about the best cryptocurrency exchanges that are available and that you should consider especially if you are looking to trade a cryptocurrency. Make sure to have a look at the overview of each option mentioned-above. And then make a better decision as per your trading style and needs with ease.

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Danni White | Danni White is the Director of Content Strategy and Development at Bython Media and the Editor-In-Chief at TechFunnel.com, a top B2B digital destin...

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