4 Tips to Improve Digital Banking Experiences

By Marianne Chrisos - Last Updated on January 7, 2020
Ideas to Improve Digital Banking Experience

Is your digital banking experience the best it can be?

Give your customers a better experience with these tips.

Most successful businesses offer a custom app that allows customers direct access to their website, e-commerce store, or digital experience. This is especially true for banks. Digital and online banking are crucial for banks and financial institutions to offer solutions to their on-the-go clients in this age of increased access and connectivity.

Most banks offer some form of digital banking experience, but it’s important to have a digital banking strategy roadmap to guide the process of creating the best possible online banking services for clients. Customers aren’t satisfied with “good enough” in a world of so many options. Here’s how to improve online banking services and improve the digital banking experience overall.

Consider an AI Option

More and more apps are including digital AI assistants to help customers move through their experience more seamlessly. Some websites use a chatbot to ask what a user is looking for, while some organizations use a pop-up “How can I help you?” message that’s voice sensitive and can guide a user through their digital interface to allow the customer to have the most painless and positive experience possible.

Have a Real Person Option

One customer service complaint that customers have time and time again in any industry is that some systems have become too automated. While many automated options are enough to help with basic requests, giving customers easy access to a real-time customer service agent when they can’t find what they need or have a complicated issue that needs to be resolved is crucial. Online digital banking apps should have a one-press to call option that will connect a customer with someone over the phone, while online desktop experiences should have a way for a chat to be relayed to a live rep who can handle the issue from there.

Ask Your Customers

Banks and businesses don’t need to guess what kind of experience their customers want. If you want to know how to improve digital banking for your customers, all you have to do is ask. Customers are eager to give their opinion.

You can send surveys through email to your customers or have them fill out a customer survey when they open their digital banking app on their mobile devices. There’s plenty of information available that you can use to customize your digital banking customer experience from the customers themselves.

Make Sure to Market

Don’t just provide access to customer accounts – use the digital experience to advertise new products or services to customers. If your institution has started offering mortgages, private loans, credit cards, or auto loans, you should use your digital presence as a platform to share your offerings with customers. You can grow the breadth of customer engagement and increase the revenue for your organization if you make sure to share new options with current customers and make sure your digital banking experience is consistently up-to-date.

When it comes to ensuring the best banking customer service experience, you need to make sure that you provide your clients with the chance to customize their experience and then work to showcase the best your brand can offer.

Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a company near Dallas and contributing writer around the internet. She earned her master's degree in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University in Chicago and has worked in publishing, advertising, digital marketing, and content strategy.

Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a c...

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