What the Process of Risk Management Looks Like in the Financial Sector

Process of Risk Management in Financial Sector

Managing risk in the financial sector is essential to companies to not take any losses. The finance industry is filled with risks, both small and large. How those risks are managed could be the difference between proactivity and failure. There is a lot of risk within the financial sector today. Financial organizations

Best Cloud Migration Assessment Tools for Business

Best Cloud Migration Assessment Tools for Business

What are the best cloud migration assessment tools for your business? How to find the cloud migration assessment tools that will work for your business. Using a cloud provider can have several benefits for business owners and their companies, including: Easier ability to scale as business changes or grows Better quality storage Lower

Web and Design News Site Noupe Acquired by JotForm

One of the leading online form building tool provider, JotForm has acquired Noupe, a website that is exclusively dedicated to news around designer and web developer. Noupe is a Germany based company, that publishes specific topics around web developer and designer. Some of the popular topics that are published on the

Bonzai Creates New Role and Makes New Hire

Tresa Paul, Senior Vice President of Ogilvy & Mather India will be taking up a new position as the first Global Head of Marketing at Bonzai. Bonzai is the self-creative platform that has been developed specifically for publishers, marketers and agencies. Paul will be responsible for bolstering the international marketing strategy

Tim Conley Named Extreme Reach’s New CEO

Cloud technology platform for television and video advertising, Extreme Reach, has announced changes to its management and leadership team with several promotions. This includes the appointment of Tim Conley, who will now be the CEO of the company. Tim had co-founded the company and had also served as the COO

Data443 Acquires Rights to WordPress GDPR Solution

Leading data security company, Data443, has announced today that it has bagged rights for global technology, branding and ongoing management to leading WordPress GDPR solution – The WordPress GDPR framework. This framework is an open–source plugin that was developed by a leading EU based WordPress developer – Codelight. WordPress is a leading

Top Gamification Trends for Small Businesses

Top Gamification Trends for Small Businesses

Has your business tried using gamification methods to improve employee engagement? Did you know that gamification activities could not only improve employee engagement but customer engagement as well? Many companies have opted to use gamification techniques to offer game-like incentives to motivate their employees. Gamification can improve training methods and build a

How Big Data Analytics Can Improve Customer Experiences

How can Big Data Analytics Improve Customer Experiences

All the ways big data can help you reach and support more customers. Big data is more than a buzzword – here’s how you can use it to improve the customer experience at your business. It’s hard to read anything about business these days without being inundated with buzzwords and how business

4 Business Process Management Benefits in Financial Services

Business Process Management Benefits in Financial Services

How can BPM benefit your financial service business? What is business process management and how does it affect financial service sectors. The business world grows increasingly competitive every day – between startups with trendy apps and new marketing tools launching all the time, every business, including financial institutions and industries, need to