What Are the Best Marketing Automation Tactics?

Marketing Automation Tactics

Since automation is becoming increasingly important to business strategy, it’s important to think about how to build your marketing automation process. Just like any other business process, automation is only as good as the goals that it helps you reach. If you haven’t decided on those goals or developed a

Shopping is Now Possible on Instagram

Instagram shopping

Amazon has enough competition as is, but looks like Instagram wants to shake matters up for the e-commerce giant. After introducing product tags to its social media networking app, Instagram has now introduced a shopping feature, where there is now a checkout option directly on the app. The new process takes Instagram's

Marketing Automation Techniques to help your Business

Marketing Automation Techniques

Automation can save your business a lot of time and money. By making processes automatic and more efficient, automation can free up your time for more strategic thinking and fewer executions, operational, or process tasks. Automation is also beneficial for businesses because it uses data to help businesses tweak their

Why Growth Hacking is Important in Content Marketing

Growth hacking

We all know that content is the undisputed king of the World Wide Web. Considering that nearly 3.2 billion people (in 2015), worldwide, use the Internet, accounting for 43 percent of the world’s population. Those numbers are growing thanks to the widespread use of mobile phones for accessing the internet. As

Women’s History Month Interview Series with Ghadeer Redler, Senior Marketing Associate, GE Digital

Women's History Month Interview Series 2019 Welcome to TechFunnel.com's interview series for Women's History Month where we are celebrating female executives, CEOs, business owners, and creators across various industries. Joining us today is Ghadeer Redler. Ghadeer Redler leads content development and storytelling at GE Digital. In her role, she focuses on developing content strategy and

4 Lead Nurturing Techniques for Marketing Automation

Lead Nurturing Techniques

Marketing automation has made many marketing efforts faster, easier, and more effective. It can allow you to create consistent contact and connection with customers and prospects as well as make sure that your marketing content is personalized enough to be relevant to your audiences. This leads to better customer relationships,

Huawei Builds New Laptop and Smartphone Software

Huawei software for Laptop

With the ongoing Huawei security scandal, the company is now afraid of being blocked from using American software from Microsoft and Google. Hence, it has built its own operating system for smart-phones and computers. The world's second-largest smartphone player by market share, Huawei currently uses the Google-developed Android mobile operating system

Is the Oscars the Battle between Tech and Media in Hollywood?

Media Giants

The Oscars, or the Academy Awards, are the most prestigious Hollywood awards. However, it seems as though tech and media giants are really hampering the ‘box office’ performance. The battle is brewing and questions swirling about this year's show capture the tension and transformation underway in the entertainment industry. Usually, it is

How to Use Mailchimp Marketing Automation in a Startup Environment

Mailchimp Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is one of the best tools for businesses and professionals. If you have ever had to manually respond to every single email and new sign up that has come in, you know how much simpler it can be to use automation. The time and headaches saved are