Oath Hires NFL Veteran Natalie Ravitz as New Communications Chief
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Oath Hires NFL Veteran Natalie Ravitz as New Communications Chief

Senior Vice President of Communications at NFL, Natalie Ravitz has resigned. She confirmed her departure by retweeting a part of other tweets that mentioned her departure. Ravitz will be joining Oath – formerly AOL and Yahoo, as the new Chief Communications Officer and “chief storyteller.”

At Oath, Ravitz will be replacing Caroline Campbell who is quitting the company after nine years. Recently, Oath was looking for a communications officer to work out of their NYC office, as Campbell was working out of the DC area and didn’t seem keen to move to NYC.

“Oath is an innovative young company being built around incredible platforms and brands in media and tech, with the great advantage of being part of the Verizon family,” said Natalie Ravitz, incoming Chief Communications Officer at Oath, in a statement. “I’m excited to help Oath tell that story in new ways and to new audiences.”

Ravitz’ had quite an impressive career graph up until now, and it includes working with the NFL as SVP of communications until the most recent Super Bowl. Before that, she was working as the chief of staff and SVP of strategy for Rupert Murdoch. Before that, she was communications director for NYC public schools working under Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and she has also worked as the press secretary and deputy chief of staff for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer.

Campbell was closely linked to Armstrong at Oath. After Campbell’s departure, there has been a speculation that Armstrong, who runs Oath, may depart and go to WPP, when confronted about this, Armstrong dismissed the rumor: “You’re the second person to ask me,” he said in an interview, laughing. “I’m being totally direct when I say there is nothing with me leaving. Zero.”

Tim Armstrong has hired quite a few new people at the executive level in the past several months, Ravitz being the latest in that line. Before Ravitz, Guru Gowrappan was hired as Oath’s president and COO; Vanessa Wittman as CFO; and Joanna Lambert running the company’s finance and tech verticals.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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