Kristin Luck Joins Canvs
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Kristin Luck Joins Canvs

Kristin Luck, a champion in marketing measurement and co-founder of Online Testing Exchange (OTX), has been hired by Canvs Board of Directors. Canvs is a leading emotion measurement Artificial Intelligence company.

Luck’s appointment at Canvs is followed with the company launching its new product Canvs Surveys, an emotion measurement Artificial Intelligence which quickly and precisely analyzes open-ended responses at media companies, brands, and across industries.

“I’m so grateful to add Kristin Luck to our board because she’s had her finger on the pulse of research industry innovation for nearly two decades,” said Jared Feldman, CEO at Canvs. “Recent forecasts predict worldwide revenue from emotion analysis software will increase from $123 million in 2017 to $3.8 billion by 2025. Kristin offers a unique vantage point into how our core language-emotion AI can be leveraged across industries beyond media — anywhere research and open-ended surveys are conducted. The sky is the limit.”

Luck co-founded the pioneering online research firm Online Testing Exchange (OTX) which is now a part of Ipsos. It was nominated as the fastest growing research firm in the world in 2002 and 2003. Luck also operates her consulting firm; before this, she had a stint with Decipher- a market research services provider, as a CMO and President after the company acquired her data visualization startup, Forefront Consulting Group.

“I’ve always been attracted to smart companies doing innovative work with data and research,” Luck said. “With its AI-based tools that analyze and classify emotional responses on everything from social media posts to unstructured survey questions, no company is doing more groundbreaking work in the business of marketing and research these days than Canvs. I’m delighted to join the Canvs Emotion Currency Council, where I can help advise the company as it takes its next innovative steps forward.”

Kristin Luck has occupied herself with quite a lot of work across various sectors, such as the nonprofit Women in Research which she founded, and she sits on the board of ESOMAR, the leading global research association. She has written columns about the industry for RWConnect and Research Business Report for which she has been named as the “top voice in the market.” She has also delivered lectures on research topics in marketing and advertising. To date, Luck has been acclaimed with several awards for work in the research industry and her championing of female entrepreneurs.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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