Zee Jay Digital Releases Framework for Unified Marketing Transformation
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Zee Jay Digital Releases Framework for Unified Marketing Transformation

Unified Marketing - Zee Jay Digital

Zee Jay Digital aims to reconceptualize how marketing operations should work and how to engage customers better with new framework.

Zee Jay Digital is a unique alternative to large consulting firms. The company recently introduced a new framework for Unified Marketing Transformation. It is a tool that will assist CMOs in classifying the operating structure required to attain success in today’s digital world.

Structured marketing that must be managed in a state of constant change has lacked a specific definition up until this point where the current digital marketing framework has been set.

Eric Rotkow, managing director of Zee Jay Digital, said, “The CMO’s reach across the organization and impact on the customer experience is driving the need to transform the way marketing gets done. This newly updated framework emphasizes operating model visualization to show how the marketing organization should think about change, enabling leadership to successfully embark on the transformation journey.”

This unified approach to marketing takes into consideration the individual business and the customer experience to define how marketing needs must function. Six important questions must be answered:

  • What is marketing’s responsibility for the firm?
  • How does marketing interact with adjacent functions?
  • What capabilities are needed now? In the future?
  • Which capabilities are in-sourced, and which are outsourced?
  • How does the global footprint accommodate speed, scale and relevancy?
  • Which areas govern standards? Which areas are free to operate independently?

Once the specific operating model is defined, the “agile and waterfall” approaches are used to support it.

Rotkow noted that marketing transformation initiatives are often started with the urgent need to remove a single system and replace it with a better one, but warns that decisions surrounding technology should not be the only drivers. He said, “Marketing leaders are tempted to tackle technology first. Technology in-and-of-itself does not solve problems, but is rather the enabler of the marketing operating model as a whole.”

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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