Users Can Now Rate Advertisers’ Customer Service on Facebook
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Users Can Now Rate Advertisers’ Customer Service on Facebook

Facebook announced that the two biggest complaints that they have received from users about ads are that the ads had either misquoted prices or misrepresented products. In an attempt to make amends, Facebook now introduces a new tool for users that allows them to rate their ad experiences on the platform.

The new tool is called “Leave Feedback” and is specifically designed to let users rate their experiences with businesses whose ads they have clicked on. The company said it would alert businesses that receive a high volume of negative feedback via the tool, but they won’t collect customer-specific data.

This tool can be accessed via the Recent Ad Activity tab, where Facebook lists all the recent ads they have clicked on. The “Leave Feedback” button gives users a 3-point rating scale: satisfied, neutral, or dissatisfied. Users are then asked to select which service — product quality or shipping speed — they are most satisfied or dissatisfied with, depending on how they rated the business.

“This could mean doing things like setting clear expectations about shipping speed upfront or providing more transparency about return policies,” says Facebook. According to the company, this effort aims to hold businesses more accountable when it comes to the customer service they provide.

If a company has been warned but continues to receive negative feedback, Facebook says it will reduce the number of ads the business can run on the platform and may even ban the company from advertising on Facebook. “If feedback does not improve over time, we will reduce the amount of ads that particular business can run,” the company explains in a blog post. This can continue to the point of banning the advertiser.”

“The information is quite relevant for our business. This helps us track consistency with our own customer satisfaction data, and it helps us prioritize issues to work on,” says the co-founder and COO of Flyrobe, an advertiser on Facebook.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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