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By Miguel Pobre - Last Updated on November 23, 2020
Article gives the list of twitter follower tools

Social Media is a powerful tool for the branding and marketing of a company. It can also be a form of expression for personal use. With a limit of 280 characters, accounts use specific creative strategies to grow their platforms. By looking at information in a smaller form than other platforms, people are able to retain and understand information faster.

There are specific Twitter tools to increase followers(1) and accounts to reach a wider audience and ultimately gain more interactions, sales, and potential new consumers.

Best Twitter Tools to Increase Followers

  1. Owlead

    Owlead focuses on the increasing audience and follower growth. They focus on growing quality real followers and make sure they bring value to the content posted. Popular filters that Owlead uses to gain these quality targets are language, gender, geo locations, and keywords in tweets/bios. After a 10 day trial, plans for their service start at $19/month.

  2. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite boasts many features, including its most unique feature: being able to manage multiple accounts at the same time. This is the best tool for brands with multiple branches and accounts. This can be helpful for someone who has their personal account as well as running a corporate account as well.

    Hootsuite specializes in scheduling tweets, using UTM codes to pinpoint which content brings the most traffic, and being able to monitor mentions when there is a lot of interaction. Plans start at $19/month and $599/month for larger corporate accounts.

  3. Crowdfire

    Perfect for small business owners, Crowdfire has an easy to navigate dashboard that helps users monitor up to ten total social profiles. By providing services and features including mentions, scheduling bulk posts, managing team profiles, and working within the Crowdfire app, their analytics help companies of any size grow their follower base. For the first account, Crowdfire is free and then premium plans start at $7.48.

  4. Tweepi

    A Twitter-specific tool, Tweepi uses artificial intelligence to grow followers based on the app. In addition to growing followers, Tweep helps with content creation and strategizing brand position. By using AI, Tweepi’s services grow valuable audiences and quality followers. Plans start at $10.75/month.

  5. Buffer

    Instead of reaching out to potential consumers, Buffer focuses on drawing them in. When content is posted, Buffer helps create content and schedule it out so that more content is released, therefore giving companies a better chance to be discovered.

    Eventually, increasing the frequency of tweets as well as the amount can help expedite the process of gaining new followers. Buffer uses the same strategies for all social media platforms. Buffer’s services start at $15/month.

  6. Twesocial

    With 24/7 customer support as well as respected analytics, Twesocial uses a fully manageable service to help grow Twitter profiles. By targeting quality profiles and engaging with content relevant to consumers, Twesocial helps grow an audience quickly and efficiently. Services start at $49/month.

  7. Tweetdeck

    One of the most popular Twitter-specific management tools, Tweetdeck manages accounts while also creating content such as photos/videos and sending out tweets/messages to consumers. The dashboard for Tweetdeck is simple to use and allows for extensive viewing of an account’s social interactions.

  8. Twitonomy

    A powerful marketing tool for Twitter is Twitonomy. By providing visual analysis on interactions with followers, Twitonomy helps users take actionable insights on engagement with followers in order to build a quality audience base as well as grow the account. Twitonomy services start at $20 for one month or $19/month.

  9. Sprout Social

    An incredible tool for Twitter and social interaction management is Sprout Social. By including multiple social profiles, a management tool.

  10. Twiends

    Used as a free to use the app for Twitter, Twiends helps accounts grow Twitter followers using a vast variety of users to connect every audience to one’s profile. Twiends also helps filter out fake profiles in order to increase quality interactions with followers.

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What to Look for with your Twitter Tools To Increase Followers

  • See an impact on follower growth

    When using Twitter Tools, it’s important to look into how they work towards improving follower growth and engagement. If profiles are struggling with interactions such as retweets, likes, followers, or clicks, these tools should have a significant impact on the growth of an account.

  • Only help you attract real followers

    When growing audience bases, it’s important to have quality interactions and followers. Gaining numbers that don’t produce results don’t translate into sales and other measurable metrics. Accumulating quality followers leads to quality engagement that will ultimately last the lifetime of a campaign and company.

  • Target an audience relevant to your profile

    Creating quality interactions doesn’t just mean followers that will interact with a campaign. The idea behind targeting an audience relates to creating a following base that sticks behind a brand’s idea, products, services, and the brand itself. By creating an audience that is relevant and interested in the profile and its content, accounts can continue to grow and keep an interested audience.

  • Have a good customer support

    By providing excellent customer support, brands can help engage fully with their consumer base and give them the best service. With an increase in audience growth, one can expect more engagement and interactions on content. With this interaction, brands need to be ready to speak to and support their new and existing customer base.

  • Provide growth reports

    As these tools grow accounts exponentially, these metrics can be used to track the progress of accounts. This progress can be used to measure new goals and how to achieve current goals. With these tools adding reports, it becomes easier for accounts to see more details in their audience growth.

Tips for Getting More Twitter Followers

  • Tweet Frequently

    With more content released and scheduled posts integrating into most tools, the amount of quality tweets increases the chance of interactions with new and existing consumers.

  • Optimize Posting Time

    Sometimes it’s difficult to see when to post engaging content. These Twitter tools analyze these times and can help automate processes when working with content.

  • Post Visual Content

    Adding visual content helps engage with potential consumers and draw in existing customers.

  • Utilize Hashtags

    Increasing search potential with hashtags can help draw in new followers which is how these tools measure analytics for hashtags.

  • Engage with replies, retweets, and tags

    Automatic engagement can help work with incredible amounts of engagement as growth on accounts increases. This can lead to quality leads and filter out engagement with fake followers.

  • Create an inviting profile

    By showing off useful engagement with customers, this creates an environment for potential new followers to feel comfortable when engaging with a new brand.

  • Identify followers within your network

    Sometimes followers engage and interact without truly being in one’s network, and Twitter tools leading to quality followers helps identify areas that an account can grow into as well as specifically target one’s in a certain audience.

  • Draw in followers outside of Twitter

    Most Twitter tools utilize other social media accounts and with the connection and integration of them all, this can help grow Twitter followers as well as other social media accounts.

Which Twitter Follower Tools To Increase Followers is Best and Most Affordable To Use?

Depending on the company size, there are many Twitter follower/engagement tools that are the best for certain companies. Smaller businesses can choose follower tools that useless social media profiles and presence in order to focus on engaging with valuable customers and retaining a strong consumer base.

Larger businesses can utilize tools that focus on more social media presence than twitter alongside ones that can manage multiple accounts on separate branches of one large business.

Miguel Pobre | Miguel Pobre is a freelance content creator based in Portland, OR. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and a minor in Business Administration. Alongside writing, Miguel has a passion for photography and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Miguel Pobre | Miguel Pobre is a freelance content creator based in Portland, OR. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Jou...

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