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Global content creation has been given new life with the joint launch of multilingual services from and Contentful.  

The new tool available through the Contentful user interface represents their first joint comprehensive translation solution.

The content infrastructure provider Contentful is giving its users a new powerful tool to manage multilingual content with the announcement of its partnership with to launch GlobalLink Connect for Contentful a solution that enables multilingual user experiences for any device—in half the time and cost.


Key features of GlobalLink Connect for Contentful will enable users to:

-Translate content within the Translate Contentful ecosystem without leaving the system
-Use fully integrated translation memory to reduce costs and time to market
-Keep track and manage all internal translation resources and stakeholders in a single platform
-Get reports and business intelligence on translation quality and process in real-time status
-Automatize the preparation, export, and re-import of content stored in Contentful by eliminating manual efforts

“By integrating GlobalLink with Contentful, our joint clients can benefit from an intuitive, enterprise-wide solution to help them launch and maintain global digital content,” said Phil Shawe, President and CEO of to PR Newswire.

In the modern business world of interconnected commerce and global brands, the need for a microservices architecture and content infrastructure optimized for speed and multilingual markets is vital for the companies to thrive.

“Speed to market is one of the essential reasons why customers choose Contentful, and this integration offers greater speed and efficiency to address multiple language audiences,” said Sascha Konietzke, Contentful Co-Founder, and CEO, in the official announcement of GlobalLink Connect for Contentful. “For example, a fully integrated translation wizard and project dashboard help teams track the status of projects. This eliminates many manual tasks and status reporting improves quality.”

With a joint pool of clients spanning worldwide such as Spotify, Urban Outfitters, Red Bull, Jack in the Box, The British Museum, Xoom, Lenovo, and many others, and Contentful are surely going to have an impact on the way global brands do content management.

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
Journalist with 15 years of experience covering the verge between culture, tech and business lives in the Mexico Silicon Valley witnessing his bloom.
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