Sharethrough Announces Hire of Veteran Media Executive Dina Roman as Chief Revenue Officer
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Sharethrough Announces Hire of Veteran Media Executive Dina Roman as Chief Revenue Officer

Sharethrough Announces Hire of Veteran Media Executive Dina Roman as Chief Revenue Officer

The industry’s largest native ad exchange for the open web, Sharethrough, recently announced a new addition to its leadership team. Dina Roman, a veteran media executive, joins the company as its new Chief Revenue Officer. With over twenty years of experience in growing businesses at the connection points between advertising, technology, and content, her experience ranges from International Data Group to Brightcove to The New York Times. She is considered to be one of the very best when it comes to business, sales, and strategy development.

Roman brings keen knowledge and a wide range of experience to Sharethrough from holding several executive level positions at a number of global media companies. She was instrumental in paving the way for Brightcove to launch a successful IPO in 2012. In addition to that, she helped to guide both IDG and through two major acquisitions. Her roles at The New York Times, Disney, Scripps Networks, and Discovery Communications put her head and shoulders above many in the industry when it comes to implementing digital video and having a good view of the current and future media industry.

As Sharethrough goes through a period of major growth with $250 million in native ad spend through its platform just last year, an increase of a whopping 80% from 2016, Roman will be expected to lead the company’s global advertiser sales team across three continents to keep this growth on an upward trajectory. Sharethrough’s demand side platform, or DSPs, has been integrated by over twenty companies throughout the industry, with many adopting its header bidder. The company has seen 4 times the growth in advertising impressions sold directly by its 1200-plus publisher clients. Each month, Sharethrough pushes through over 12 billion ad impressions for publishers including CNN, Time, and Forbes.

The company is excited about what Roman brings to the table. Dan Greenberg, founder and CEO, Sharethrough, said, “Dina is a pro, in every sense of the word, and we’re thrilled to have someone of her caliber join Sharethrough to help shape the next chapter of growth for programmatic native advertising. Dina was everything we were looking for in our new CRO: a proven business builder, a programmatic ad tech pioneer, with diverse executive experience and firsthand empathy for both advertiser and publisher.”

Roman too is ready to get to work for Sharethrough. She said, “‘I’ve always been drawn to companies that are the leaders in their lane and have helped the industry shape the future. Sharethrough represents an exciting new opportunity for me for two reasons: its distinguished track record to date, and the even greater opportunity that lies ahead in an always on, mobile world. In this world, the dynamic assembly and respectful delivery of advertising that native represents will undoubtedly play a larger role in the media mix; benefiting consumers, advertisers and publishers alike.”

Danni White
Danni White
Danni White is the Director of Content Development at Bython Media, the parent company of,,, List.Events, and

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