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Scoota Partners with Ternio

Earlier this week, online branding company Scoota announced that it is partnering with blockchain network firm Ternio for its programmatic ad campaigns. This partnership will help the clients in gaining complete transparency of their ad spend, providing them a more accurate view of the ad supply chain.

Scoota’s pioneering platform comes with an anomaly detection technology that links to its bidders dynamically. The addition of blockchain technology makes the platform even more transparent, using the power of immutable distributed ledgers. The offerings by Scoota will thus become one of the pioneering blockchain solutions in the world of digital advertising. Scoota and its clients will be able to reduce waste and get more value from their ad spending. In addition to this, the clients will be able to reduce ad fraud and get more clarity on where their ad dollars are being spent.

This partnership will extend to some of the most prominent digital marketing brands like Whole Foods Market, IKEA, Land Rover, and BMW. These brands will care for their ad expense on a per-impression basis.


“Scoota has always been on the forefront of using technology to facilitate transparency and brand safety for their clients,” said Ian Kane, co-founder of Ternio. “By integrating Ternio into Scoota’s buy-side platform, advertisers will gain granular insights into every ad impression being purchased all executed in a programmatic environment.”

“Blockchain is fascinating on many levels; its ability to change the ad tech landscape is substantial, yet very few businesses can claim a blockchain framework that is fast enough to make it viable for the demands of online advertising at scale. Ternio delivers on the speed challenge; we’re really excited about exploring what we can do together for the benefit of our clients,” added James Booth, Founder and CEO of Scoota.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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