Salesforce Launches Gamified Learning Platform, myTrailhead
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Salesforce Launches Gamified Learning Platform, myTrailhead

Salesforce Launches Gamified Learning Platform, myTrailhead

Salesforce announced the launch of myTrailhead, a platform similar to Trailhead, which enables companies to create branded, fully customizable training materials based on the Trailhead approach.

The company originally announced this idea at Dreamforce in November 2017. After a beta test on 13 pilot customers over the last year, the product is being made available for all.

The difference between Trailhead and my Trailhead is that Trailhead is all about teaching Salesforce skills, whereas myTrailhead is about building on that approach to teach whatever other skills a company might find desirable in its culture, style, branding, and methodologies.

It builds on the whole Trailhead theme of blazing a learning trail, providing a gamified approach to self-paced training, where users are quizzed throughout to reinforce the lessons, awarded badges for successfully completing modules and given titles like Ranger for successfully completing a certain number of courses. By gamifying the approach towards learning, Salesforce hopes people will have friendly competition within companies, creating the perfect atmosphere for development.

The platform can also be used for in-house hiring purposes. If a manager is looking for an in-house hire, they can search by skills on myTrailhead and find candidates who match their requirements. Additionally, employees who participate in training can potentially advance their careers with their enhanced skill sets.

The idea is to provide companies with a methodology for creating a digital approach to learning, which Salesforce sees as an essential ingredient of becoming a modern company. The product is available immediately.

Salesforce also envisions companies using the platform for new employee onboarding, sales enablement or customer service training, or even as a broader training tool. The analytics component on myTrailhead, allows the company’s management to track when employees complete required training modules, understand how well they are doing as they move through a learning track, as well as recognize when employees have updated their skill sets.

You can sign up for the platform here.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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