Lead Liaison Releases New Lead Management Tool for Event Marketers
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Lead Liaison Releases New Lead Management Tool for Event Marketers

Lead Liaison Releases New Lead Management Tool for Event Marketers

Lead Liaison, the provider of cloud-based sales and marketing automation solutions, announced earlier in December that they are collaborating with Avery, the leading manufacturer of labels and badges.

Lead Liaison launched their event lead capture solution GoCapture! in October of 2017, and in early 2018. They also launched a new solution GoExhibit!, which is powered by GoCapture!

GoExhibit! provides businesses with an end-to-end event lead management solution, which enables them to manage all pre-event communication, efficiently capture leads onsite, instantly sync data and trigger post-event follow-up. Companies managing their own events can utilize GoExhibit!’s registration and check-in feature which integrates seamlessly with a badge solution powered by Avery.

“We are excited to work with Lead Liaison,” says Avery’s Customer Success Manager, Brenda Dillon. “This is a perfect use case for Avery labels and badges. We are excited about the opportunity to further support businesses running their own marketing events. Lead Liaison automates the clerical work and helps put the final solution in the hands of the customer faster and more efficiently.”

The GoCapture! app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, with Windows support to be announced soon. GoExhibit! integrates with all major CRMs (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics), marketing automation platforms (HubSpot, Eloqua, Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud), analytics solutions (Domo, Revelation), and lead retrieval providers (Cvent, Experient).

The updates announced this week further distance GoExhibit! from competing solutions. The enhancements allow companies to customize the lead capture experience with brand colors, logos, and other custom content such as explainer videos or maps. GoExhibit! now also provides enterprise-level reporting. The Events Dashboard allows users to track their events and measure ROI. Example data points include average cost per lead (CPL), revenue generated, return on investment, post-event engagement activity and more.

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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