ironSource Launches New Platform to Track Metrics on Playable Ads
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ironSource Launches New Platform to Track Metrics on Playable Ads

Playable Ad Metrics

Advertising is quickly transforming from billboards and print visuals to mini-applications, gaming systems, and analytics that aim to capture a different type of data. 

ironSource, the in-app video ad platform, recently announced a new In-Ad Data Platform that is specifically designed to track the analytics and metrics for playable in-app advertisements. These in-app ads are like a type of mini games in which advertisers can now track a whole host of previously unavailable and untrackable data.

Tal Shoham, COO at Developer Solutions, suggests that the new platform will provide advertisers with minute details about the choices users make as they move throughout the ad’s story or funnel.

Chief Design Officer Dan Greenberg, said in a statement about the newly created platform and its anticipated impact in the market, “With the rise of interactive ad units like playable or interactive video ads, the ad has suddenly become not just part of a funnel, but a funnel in and of itself. Instead of just tracking an impression and a click, we’re able to access a wealth of previously inaccessible data on what’s going on inside the ad itself. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for optimizing the in-ad experience and helping advertisers learn more about their audiences in the aggregate. The promise of true creative optimization has finally been fulfilled.”

Additionally, advertisers are able to access specific benchmark data on interactive ad campaigns. This data is pulled from 45 billion impressions from campaigns that ironSource has run over the past two years. ironSource says this data shows an 88% engagement rate for hyper casual games compared to a 65% engagement rate for casual games and 50% engagement for mid-hardcore games.

Greenberg said, “Because of the scale and variation of the campaigns we’re running, we’re able to get a bird’s-eye view of how interactive campaigns operate and behave as a whole. This means we’re able to provide our advertisers with useful in-ad benchmarks, which helps us optimize and helps them evaluate success.”

Nearly all the playable ads are analyzed by the platform ironSource developed, the ad metrics are still defined for each specific ad campaign.

Anirudh Menon
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