Impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing
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Impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing

Impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is changing thanks to the rise in voice searches.

Voice search is having major impacts on digital marketing efforts and the way companies look at SEO.

Voice search is having many impacts on digital marketing efforts, from the way search engines auto-correct searches, to the way people look up things on a search engine. A major change that voice search is bringing is the way companies look at their SEO efforts. Voice search is changing the way people look for things using the internet and companies are beginning to realize that they must change the way they look at voice search to stay relevant.

Impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing in 2018

Within the last year or so, the number of people using voice search has skyrocketed. This has caused companies to re-evaluate their digital marketing efforts and look at SEO keywords differently. This is because people look for things differently with voice search than they do when they type in their search to a search engine. Most people, when typing in their search to a search engine use the minimal amount of words to find what they’re looking for. On the other hand, when people search for things using their voice assistant, they use many more words and ask questions.

For example, when using a computer or device to look for Indian food nearby, a user would use Google Maps or simply type in, “Indian food” followed by the name of the city they are near, into their search engine. When it comes to voice searching, though, people use more words and usually ask, “What is the closest Indian restaurant near me.” These two drastically different ways of searching have led companies to change the way they digitally market to stay relevant to the new way people are searching for things online.

There are many virtual assistants people use every day so it is essential that marketing managers include voice searches in their marketing efforts. Unlike searching with a device, voice search only reads back the top ranked position on the search engine to the user. This makes having the number one ranked spot in that search extremely valuable to a company but also extremely difficult to achieve. Therefore, it is necessary for marketers to optimize their site for voice searches. Optimizing a company’s site for voice searches will help the business be more visible when a customer uses voice search to find them, or a company like them. Not being able to see all options that come up in a search is why many experts believe that traditional searching with a device is the best practice to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Another major impact of this new way of searching is how voice search affects SEO. Voice search affects a company’s SEO efforts because people search differently with voice search vs text search. In recent years, Google has implemented many algorithms to understand how people search for things better. Google’s search algorithms can now understand more personalized searches better than ever before and voice search technology is only helping to make that better. SEO efforts by companies must change to keep up with the way people are searching for things online using their voice and more personalized searches.

Voice search is changing the way search engines understand how people search and the efforts companies make for their website to show up in voice searches. Many companies are just beginning to understand SEO and as the equip themselves with this knowledge, it is important to understand SEO for not only text searches but voice searches as well to be seen by searchers.

Emily Pribanic
Emily Pribanic
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