How Machine Learning is Changing Marketing Positively

By Emily Pribanic - Last Updated on January 24, 2018
How Machine Learning is Changing Marketing Positively

Machine learning is changing the data management platform

Machine learning is not only changing marketing positively but also the way marketing is created, analyzed and distributed.

Marketing is constantly changing and machine learning is helping that change. AI marketing is already happening all around us in many ways with predicting analytics being a major one. Not only is machine learning benefitting the way marketing reaches the proper audience, it is also reducing the cost of that marketing and making it much more effective.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solutions

Machine learning marketing applications are becoming much more popular. Not only can artificial intelligence optimize targeting but also provide a personalized experience on the web. Programmatic advertising is a type of digital advertising directed at a specific audience. When ads are directed at an interested audience, they’re not wasted. This is why more and more companies are using machine learning digital marketing to get their message across to the right audience. This programmatic marketing is not only becoming more widely used to create ads geared toward specific audiences, but also with media buying.

Machine Learning Marketing

There are five huge benefits to machine learning marketing. The first is ‘real-time’ advertising. It doesn’t take long after visiting a website to see ads that are targeted specifically at the person using the computer. This is due to machine learning marketing automation. The next huge benefit artificial intelligence is having on marketing is the elimination of wasted ads and marketing. This is a businesses greatest nightmare because no company wants to waste money on ads and marketing that is not reaching the proper audience. Machine learning in digital marketing is also allowing companies to use artificial intelligence for predicting future trends and purchase patterns. Machine learning marketing also offers a huge benefit with structuring the content and the biggest benefit of helping to reduce costs.

Machine Learning Future Trends

As machine learning becomes more widely used, marketing is going to see some new trends take off. One new trend that is taking off is data flywheels. Companies that can achieve data of the highest quality will lead to better models. Those better models will, in turn, lead to a better experience for the user, which will, in turn, lead to more users and again, in turn, lead to more data.

The next major trend in machine learning is the algorithm economy. This creates a marketplace where organizations, researchers and engineers can come together and share their found algorithm intelligence on a global scale. These types of marketplaces not only help companies create better algorithms but also help machine learning marketing as a whole. Another major trend we are starting to see with machine learning marketing is the ability for every app to be a smart app.

Machine learning is changing marketing positively by improving the way companies reach their potential customers. It is also reducing costs of marketing which is a huge impact on businesses. Machine learning is paving the way to programmatic advertising, buying and even media buying. With AI in marketing, the emerging trends we will see in the near future will change marketing positively for businesses of all kinds.

Emily Pribanic | Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing since she was young and has a creative imagination. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her family and two cats.

Emily Pribanic | Emily is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She has her B.A. in Advertising with a concentration in Copywriting. Emily has been writing s...

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