Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies for Every Startup

By Amy N Barkman - Published on January 23, 2018
Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies for Every Startup

Tips for Saving Money on Promoting Your Startup

Don’t spend a fortune to promote your new brand when you can successfully market your startup using these essential inbound marketing strategies.

Let’s cut to the chase: getting started with a startup company is expensive, the kind of expensive that causes stomach ulcers. There are costs associated with every single aspect of beginning your own startup, which leaves little for marketing it. Ironically, you aren’t going to make a dime without marketing, which means you’ve got to be savvy when it comes to developing a marketing plan.

First, let’s talk outbound marketing strategies and outbound marketing techniques. These are your big, fancy print ads, mailings, television ads, etc. Feel that ulcer burning? You should be because outbound marketing can be expensive with a capital “E.” Do you want to do some outbound marketing to get the word out about your new business? Sure. It’s important for your town to feel a sense of community with you, so carefully choose a strategy for some outbound marketing. But before you get carried away, there’s something else you need to consider.

Inbound Marketing Strategies Every Startup Can Afford

Inbound marketing strategies consist of those things that not only cost little, or even nothing at all, but that are proven to be highly effective strategies for marketing. When it comes to inbound marketing strategies every startup can afford, you can’t go wrong with things like content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, email marketing, and, most importantly, branding. While some of these types of inbound marketing do cost some money, you’ll find your costs are much lower and results are much bigger.

Getting started with social media, for the most part, is free. Signing up for an account with most social networking accounts doesn’t cost a thing. You can get into some cost when it comes to sponsoring ads, but the costs here are generally minimal, whereas the rewards of these inexpensive ads can be phenomenal. When you consider how many people are using social media as their sole source of information, it becomes clear how social media marketing can benefit you.

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand, once you’ve developed it through the use of social media. All you have to do is find the right person who has a good, strong following of individuals from the demographic that your brand is geared towards and pay them to promote that brand to their followers. Think about how much your idols have influenced your own life choices. You may have even decided to start your business because of the influence of someone you admire. Again, it’s pretty easy to see how this particular inexpensive inbound marketing strategy can benefit your startup.

Types of inbound marketing like content marketing and search engine optimization are fantastic ways of getting your brand noticed. These days, everyone Googles everything simply because they can. Why in the world would someone choose to spend time researching something when they can type a few words into a search engine, and access the information they need immediately? Use that to your advantage by implementing a content marketing and/or search engine optimization strategy as a great way to promote your startup.

Sure, you probably should announce to your town through some good old fashioned outbound marketing that your startup has arrived, but consider putting the majority of your marketing focus on inbound marketing. These essential inbound marketing strategies for every startup are the perfect way to successfully market your business without breaking the bank.

Amy N Barkman | Amy works in higher education and has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She loves to read and write, and spends the rest of her free time exploring, fishing, camping, and just being outdoors with her husband and young son. Amy enjoys using her creative talents for writing and graphic design whenever possible.

Amy N Barkman | Amy works in higher education and has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She loves to read and write, and spends the rest of her free time ...

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