Content Marketing Institute Releases 2019 B2C Content Marketing Research Report
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Content Marketing Institute Releases 2019 B2C Content Marketing Research Report

Content Marketing Institute Releases 2019 B2C Content Marketing Research Report

The Content Marketing Institute has released its 2019 B2C Content Marketing Research Report, which lists some of their findings with reference to how B2C marketing has been this year and predictions and trends for the upcoming year.

“Too often, marketers expect quick results from content marketing, but it simply doesn’t work that way. Patience is often a missing, yet crucial, ingredient if you want to be successful,” explained Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute. “Organizations need to be committed to content marketing- for the long haul- and give it enough time if they’re going to see results and be able to demonstrate ROI. It can take 12-24 months to get those results.”

Some key findings from the new report are:

  • The report concludes that 40% of B2C marketers surveyed have a well documented and concrete content marketing strategy.
  • 69% of B2C marketers surveyed agreed that their organization had realistic content marketing approaches and goals.
  • 78% of the surveyed B2C marketers agreed that they or their teams could illustrate, with accurate metrics, the impact of content marketing on their audience engagement.
  • 63% of the B2C marketers surveyed said that their organization’s approach to content marketing was much more or somewhat more successful than what it was one year ago, and 77% of them attributed this success to better content creation and 71% to a more concrete content marketing strategy.


“While content marketers in the B2C space face some challenges, it’s great to see that 77% of those who reported increased success over the last year attribute that success to doing a better job with content creation,” says Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs, and author of two books, including Everybody Writes, a Wall Street Journal bestseller. “As long as they remain committed to creating quality content versus just churning out poor or mediocre content just for the sake of having produced content, they can be successful.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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