4 Things to Consider Before Creating a Marketing Video
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4 Things to Consider Before Creating a Marketing Video

4 Things to Consider Before Creating a Marketing Video

Creating a video to market your brand or product is one of the best ways to attract more traffic to your social media handles and subsequently to your website. However, if you have experience in marketing, you know that creating a marketing video that is effective, engaging, meaningful, and has the possibility to go viral at any time is no child’s play.

Your marketing video could actually be the turning point in your brand’s journey. Let’s take the popular American clothing brand GAP, for example. GAP takes sensitive issues and creates videos from these topics, which sends a positive message and helps people identify with their brand.

Here are a few ways you can help audiences identify with your brand and increase traffic to your website:

#1: Make sure your video showcases your personality.

Personality does not refer to the personality of the founder or the videographer in this case. Personality in this context refers to the brand’s values and the objectives or goals that the brand stands for.

#2: Choose a universal theme and link it with your message.

The theme for your video must be something that people across the globe can relate to. With the internet in everyone’s hands and nearly everyone looking at social media throughout the day, having a universally relatable theme will help play to your advantage. The more people view it, the more chances you have of increasing traffic to your site. The math is really that simple.

#3: Focus on quality.

Quality is crucial, not just in terms of video quality, but also in terms of the quality of your message and how you portray it. It is important that your message is sent out authentically and transparently. This way, viewers are more likely to receive it.

#4: Get it out there.

Once your video is ready, instead of trying to make it perfect, get it out there. This is extremely important because what is the use of creating a video if no one can see it?

Publish your video across your social media platforms and try to get it to go viral by increasing the reach. Waiting for perfection will only delay the process. And, if your video has a message aligned with a current affair, you could gain a bigger audience because of the trending factor.

With these tips in mind, you can market your business like a seasoned video producer.

Here is an infographic that will give you 6 steps to make the perfect marketing video.

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