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VMware to Acquire Bitnami

VMware to Acquire Bitnami

VMware announced intent to acquire Bitnami – a provider of application packaging and delivery, to help accelerate app delivery for multi-cloud use cases.

San Francisco based Bitnami offers enterprises the capability to deploy a multitude of applications through its libraries either natively or across a plethora of cloud providers. Bitnami was a graduate of Y Combinator.

“This was actually an easy decision and has to do with our shared vision for the future,” wrote co-founders Daniel Lopez and Erica Brescia in a blog post. “Our mission at Bitnami is to make awesome software available to everyone, everywhere… to make that software accessible to the largest number of users and developers possible.


“Over the past years, we expanded our focus to help enterprises use Bitnami in production, often as part of a migration of their application to the cloud or their adoption of Kubernetes,” Lopez and Brescia added. “We realized that if we wanted to continue to grow, we would have to raise money, as building an enterprise salesforce is not easy to do when you are bootstrapped. As part of the conversations we had during this process, we realized that VMware would be the ideal partner for us. We both believe in a Kubernetes and multi-cloud future. We both share large enterprise customers, including cloud service providers. We both are building products and services to help companies navigate this multi-platform, multi-vendor world with a focus on enterprises.”

“Upon close, Bitnami will enable our customers to easily deploy application packages on any cloud – public or hybrid – and in the most optimal format – virtual machine (VM), containers and Kubernetes helm charts,” VMware’s Milin Desai and Paul Fazzone wrote in a blog post. “Further, Bitnami will be able to augment our existing efforts to deliver a curated marketplace to VMware customers that offer a rich set of applications and development environments in addition to infrastructure software.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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