Scribe Software Acquired by TIBCO

Scribe Software Acquired by TIBCO

TIBCO Software, a supplier of integration, application programming interface administration, and analytics, has procured Scribe Software, again an integration service provider that enables over 10,000 organizations to associate programming software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and robotize information flows through a browser-based approach. The cost of the arrangement was not revealed.

The blend of Scribe’s with the current SaaS and hybrid integration features of TIBCO Cloud Integration allows clients to address application, information, and API ventures, and interconnect everything from the cloud, to on-site systems, to mobile devices across the globe.

“By strengthening TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Cloud with Scribe’s unique data automation and SaaS integration capabilities, we enable the broadest set of users to participate in digital transformation efforts,” said Matt Quinn, Chief Operating Officer at TIBCO. “Scribe’s straightforward, code-free method of creating, testing, and managing data flows enables thousands of customers and partners to quickly and easily connect their SaaS apps for better business performance. We are excited to have Scribe as part of TIBCO and welcome its customers and partners to the TIBCO community.”

Scribe was at first settled to address the difficulties of coordinating CRM applications and mechanizing data streams. The Scribe platform developed into a cloud-based integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). Scribe Online is the organization’s cloud-based combination stage as a service. Scribe was a private organization utilized by 100 individuals, including 85 in New Hampshire. Its operation is based out of Oakland, California, and The Hague in the Netherlands.

“This acquisition allows TIBCO Cloud Integration to better serve a broader set of needs and enter new market segments. We look forward to working closely with Scribe’s world-class partner ecosystem in pursuit of our mission to interconnect everything,” said Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at TIBCO, in a statement. “Departmental business users looking to automate data flows, SI partners implementing business solutions, and SaaS providers looking to add connectivity to their products can now choose TIBCO to leverage our global footprint and broad set of complementary technologies as part of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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