4 Best IP Monitoring Tools for IT Teams

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on June 16, 2020
Best network ip monitoring tools

Guest Contribution by Adam Edmond

Any device that can connect to a certain network holds an IP address- the name that devices or software programs adopt when conferring with one another. At any given time, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of devices connected to a single enterprise network. Without stipulated IP addresses, it would be nearly impossible for IT teams and software solution firms to keep track of each device. IP monitoring tools help IT teams and ventures keep a vigilant eye on the status or availability of each device being used within their network via the IP address.

As part of a network monitoring strategy, every IT team should be monitoring IP addresses via monitoring tools. With these tools, each team can see how much space is left in regards to IP capacity, as well as receiving alerts on users and connected devices. Want to know which IP monitoring tools will truly take your team up a notch? Let’s discuss four of the best IP monitoring tools down below

IP Scanner

Every IT team should be utilizing an IP scanner for windows or other connected devices. An IP scanner is a tool that is instrumental in the range of networking. As the name suggests, an IP scanner scans for IP addresses and information of alternative devices on a given network. In short, the IP scanner scans your network for any devices and information that may be pertinent. IP scanners are paramount in network security (you can see all devices connected to the network), mapping IT infrastructure, and finding missing devices and IP addresses within the network (required for troubleshooting).

Network Traffic Analysis Tool

When it comes to IT monitoring, a network traffic analysis tool can be highly useful. A network traffic analysis tool features IP monitoring capabilities and serves as a network traffic probe that seeks to sort network traffic into different criteria, including IP addresses. By working to characterize the type of traffic on the network, your IT team can determine network statistics and how they are affecting the network as a whole. Strive for an analysis tool that is open source, as that will afford the most freedom.

Port Switch Management Tool

No matter how small your IT team may be, you still require an IP address and switch port management tool to help with monitoring and diagnosing problems with switches and devices. A great port switch management tool can help you to find rogue devices and monitor the overall availability of critical devices. Moreover, it can scan IP addresses in an end-to-end manner. A great program will offer a hierarchical view of IP addresses, which should allow both the IT team and users to examine subnets individually.

IP Address Manager

Finally, every IT team will need an IP address manager. This is a program designed to serve as both an IP monitoring and managing tool. It integrates DNS, DCHP, and IP tracking capabilities along with troubleshooting, and reporting functions for any addresses on the network. Brands such as Solarwinds support multiple cloud vendors as well as automatic IP tracking, as well as static IP addresses upon request. Any tool should offer historic IP data features, which will allow your team to examine the history of any IP address that is on the network and those that have been on the network previously.

The Takeaway

The right IT monitoring tools and IP scanning tools don’t just make your network stronger and less vulnerable to security risks, they aid in the process of troubleshooting and solving a variety of issues that can arise within a single enterprise itself.

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TechFunnel Contributors | TechFunnel.com is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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