The Importance of ITIL Certification and Scope for Career Growth

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on January 7, 2020
Importance of ITIL Certification

Guest Contribution by Ramkumar Elangovan

Since ITIL 4 Certification first came to the forefront, a lot of people pursued the same but very few were aware of the importance of the same. If you are one of them who are confused about treading on the way of ITIL certification, then you are reading the correct article.

In this article, we will shed light on the importance of ITIL certification and scope for career growth so that you do not hold yourself back under the influence of fake or wrong information. You should not have a second thought on the Importance of ITIL certification as it can influence a career in the IT sector to a great extent.

Being an ITIL certified professional will allow you to get better job opportunities as well as excel in your career at a rapid pace.

Adoption of ITIL Framework

Information Technology Infrastructure Library which is simply a set of appropriate practices focusing on aligning the IT services to diverse businesses is being adopted by big and small companies alike. The practical framework of ITIL facilitates identification, planning, and delivery of the supporting IT services to integral business workings of an organization.

The adoption of the ITIL framework is not just restricted to the huge organizations but even the start-ups adopt this framework as it is undeniably true that this framework enhances the growth process of the company. A lot of universities as well as other sectors have also adopted this framework which indicates that perks of ITIL are just not limited to the IT sector only.      

Without a doubt, ITIL is primarily linked to the Information Technology sector covering all aspects of Service Management. ITIL is a framework that is globally recognized lays down the procedures, tasks as well as checklists not peculiar to any company or organization. It simply intends to demonstrate compliance as well as to measure the improvement in the delivery of IT-related services.

Advantages Of Adopting ITIL Framework For Organizations

There are plenty of reasons for which a burgeoning number of companies and organizations are adopting the framework of ITIL. Apart from directly benefiting from this adoption, the companies also reap a deluge of indirect benefits.

Direct benefits:

ITIL gives these organizations an opportunity to avail service delivery in a highly professional manner thereby ensuring that the customers are highly satisfied. This further results in the improvement of the ROI of IT. Other than this, ITIL framework implementation also allows these organizations better visibility of IT costs as well as assets which assist in comparatively better utilization of assets. Also, there is a plunge in the hidden costs subsequently resulting in a substantial surge in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Indirect benefits:

As far as the indirect benefits are concerned, the delivery of third party services via the specifications of ITIL also improves. Hiring  ITIL certified employees prevent companies from incurring huge expenditure on training programs that ought to be delivered to the professionals who are not ITIL certified. This further enhances the morale of the service delivery as well as the reception staff. As a result, there is comparatively better staff retention besides increased competence as well as the productivity of the IT staff.

ITIL4 certification increases job prospects

Having an ITIL4 certification works in your favor as increasing number of recruiters across the globe are somehow in favor of filtering the candidates with ITIL certification which vividly implies that job trends are in favor of the ITIL certified professionals. There are primarily two reasons possible for the same.

First, an ITIL certified professional is an asset to the company and secondly, the company by hiring certified professionals cuts down on its investment as there is no longer any need to spend huge sums of money in training the employees in the same. By recruiting an ITIL certified professional, companies kill two birds with the same stone.

Importance Of Different Levels Of Certification

Not only does this certification validates the person’s ability as well as his know-how about implementing the framework in the company or the organization for enhanced profits but at the same time, it also enables the professionals to share a common platform where all can interact in the common language understood by the IT professionals across the globe. This results in further enhancing the understanding among the IT staff and suppliers or contractors.

Other professionals who can benefit from this certification are the ones who have long been associated with the business sector but now desire to indulge in companies that are associated with technology or IT services. professionals linked with IT Services Management and the IT consultants also benefit a lot. One thing that must not be forgotten is that ITIL certification is highly recommended for workers at the mid-levels of management.

Different Levels of ITIL Certification

The ITIL certification is divided into different levels with each level having something concrete to offer. While on the one hand there is the ITIL Foundation certification that lays emphasis on making the candidates aware of the standardized terminologies, on the other hand, the ITIL Intermediate certification focuses on two major spheres, namely, Service Lifecycle and Service Capability.  Heading on to the ITIL Expert, this particular level of certification aims to offer to the prospective candidates the advanced knowledge required for thoroughly understanding the ITIL scheme.

Next in the row is the certification level termed as ITIL Master which targets the professionals that are associated with planning, management as well as the operation of the IT service management. At the end of each certification level, you will definitely add something to your knowledge and a lot more to your resume as you will become an ITIL certified professional.

ITIL certification helps boost the career growth

Among IT professionals, ITIL is one of the most preferred certifications in the current scenario as an increasing number of recruiters look forward to hiring candidates who are ITIL qualified. The reason behind the same is the advantages that the certification offers in the field of IT Services Management. This certification is suitable for all professionals irrespective of the field they are working in. However, this is primarily meant for the ones who are associated with the IT Services Management, Service Operation, Project Management, Service Strategy, Service Transition as well as Design. It is equally beneficial for professionals who are associated with IT Project Support as it is for CIOs.

Overall, this is the importance of ITIL certification and scope for career growth. The experience as well as the expertise that the candidate develops in the journey of getting these certifications to help him to progressively grow his career as well as boost the performance while associating with the IT Services Management. Without any doubt, the ITIL certified professionals earn comparatively more than uncertified counterparts.

So, if you are aiming to enroll yourself in ITIL 4 certification course that is soon to be released then you are surely on the right path. However, instead of waiting if you prefer enrolling for the current version of ITIL certification then you can still gain a lot and form a strong base. Irrefutably an increment in salary is one of the major reasons for pursuing ITIL certification today without waiting for the release of the new version.


Ramkumar Elangovan is a digital marketing and content strategy manager at KnowledgeHut Solutions Private Limited. He is passionate about content marketing, project management methodologies, and data analytics. Ramkumar relishes the opportunity to discuss, debate, write and share his thoughts on these subjects.

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