How to Land a Job in the Tech Industry

By Team Writer - Published on May 18, 2020

The tech industry is considered one of the most progressive fields to work in where you deal with working on solutions to problems that can help millions of people around the world. This is the reason why it is a common target for job seekers, most particularly those who are passionate about technology.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to land a job in the tech industry because more employers prefer employees who can fit with the never-ending changes in the industry. But it does not mean that it’s impossible to get hired in your preferred tech company. All you have to do is to read the tech career advice below:

Don’t Focus on Coding Skills Only, Pay Importance to Your Soft Skills as Well

There is a huge difference between having technical skills and being prepared to contribute to a tech team. Being knowledgeable about coding means you know how to write programs. If you are a software engineer, you must know how to collaborate with others, communicate, be part of the technical community, and learn new skills effectively.

Such skills may make you think that you’re more employable. However, the majority of companies would rather hire a passionate, friendly, and teachable team player than a technical genius who will butt heads with other team members.

Below are some of the ways to improve your soft skills:

  • Boost Your Communication Skills

If you plan to get a job from a company of developers, you have to take note that communication skills are important. When working with a team of developers, everybody should understand the vision for the project, standard practices to accomplish tasks and collaborate effectively.

In addition, miscommunication may cost both time and money, which tech startups or companies cannot afford to waste. Being an efficient and clear communicator will bring value to your tech professional life and can boost your chances of getting hired.

  • Be A Team Player

Programming involves solitary time in front of the computer, but if you’re a software engineer, you will spend lots of time collaborating with some engineers. It goes hand-in-hand with communication and it’s more about the actual hands-on process of creating a program. To practice your teamwork skills, go to meetups frequently, and participate in group events. In such events, you will typically work as a team, so you get experience working with various skill levels and backgrounds.

  • Be Willing to Learn

One of the reasons why learning skills are essential in any tech job is because when you are learning a particular programming language, your aim must not be just to learn a certain language. You must also learn how to think the ways to break the problems down and be able to understand any abstract ideas. Such skills are assets as you continue learning new concepts and languages on the job.

To be an excellent learner, use several resources and try working on complex applications and dig deeper into the concept instead of staying at the surface level. Do not be afraid of the concepts you do not know. If you cannot understand something, ask questions, and be willing to learn or to be taught by others.

Gain Real-World Experience

Learning from tutorials can be valuable, especially if you are just getting started. But, at some point, it is essential to start building your own projects. Through this, you will encounter real-life problems and develop proper solutions for them. Moreover, you can have fun throughout the process of building a website or an app that reflects your interests.

For instance, if you have created an app that has amazing features and is relevant to your target tech employer’s current project, it can help you get hired easily since it shows your skills or talent in creating a good app.

If you want to gain real-life experience while you are getting ready with your employment, one of the ways to achieve it is through brainstorming a way to solve problems you have in your daily life. You can also create websites for local charities or relatives for free. Once you have some under your belt, reach out to some local businesses and provide your services at reduced prices to gain work experience.

You must also create a portfolio of this kind of work. Employers prefer seeing examples of your work, so they know what you can really do. If your portfolio looks a bit empty, you can get some ideas online. With this, you might know somebody in a company who can let you know when they are hiring or who can recommend you. Even without any official referral, it can give you the chance to make friends or build your network.

If you want to build a network to get a job in the tech industry, below are the things you should do:

  • To succeed in building a network, you have to participate in conferences, meetups, and events. It is best if you can do it in person, but you may also join some online groups and have digital connections.
  • Interact with people you admire and don’t forget to invite them for a coffee if you have free time. Then, ask them how they achieve their position and what recommendation they can give to you to achieve the same success as theirs. If they said no to your invite, do not force them. But, if you are lucky, some are always happy to share tips and tricks about getting a perfect tech job.
  • Serve as a helping hand to others. You have to learn to give and not just take. You have to learn how to give as well and use your knowledge or connections to benefit others.
  • You can try vlog, podcast, blogging, or take advantage of your social media to build up a presence online. You do need thousands of followers just to gain a good reputation. Just having a following can make your social media network look good.
  • If you do not have an account on LinkedIn yet, make sure to create one now. Having a LinkedIn profile is important for some recruiters because it is where they see the work experience and other work-related things about an employee.

Know What Your Preferred Tech Company to Look For

While most tech companies have their fair share of differences, they also have some similarities. One of these is being able to hire the most motivated and brightest people to join their growing teams and give them an opportunity to make solutions that are game-changing.

Since every tech company places so much emphasis on passion and talent, being able to show such qualities will help you land a job the soonest time possible.

Learn the Different Tech Concepts

Numerous people working in the tech industry have no idea about coding. They are the strategists and big thinkers. They are also the ones who make the daily operations to make the business run.

In the tech world, you do not have to be a developer to get a job in this industry. But it is a huge leg up if you understand the concepts behind what businesses are doing.

If you prefer to work in the marketing department of a tech company, you have to dive into UX or user experience, SEO or search engine optimization, and PPC or Pay Per Click marketing. If you like to work in sales, determining the products and learning about them is critical. If you are planning to work on an e-commerce website, understanding what big data and business intelligence will surely help you stand out.

Be Clear on What You Want from A Tech Job

Your preferred job should align with your values, lifestyle needs, and goals. Or else, if you accept any job, you could get paid, but you will not be happy and won’t see any progress in your career.

For you to find the right and best tech job fit for you, one of the first things that you should check is the salary, job title, working hours, and location. Then, align your values with the tech companies you apply to.

When applying for a tech job, consider the value alignment with the company. It means that your personal values, goals, and interests fit with the company you like to work for. You must also think of other important things like diversity and company size.

Although the perfect job may not exist, being open-minded about the opportunities can make a difference. Look everywhere for the opportunities to gain experience not just at big tech companies.

Keep in mind that any opportunity is considered as an opportunity to learn as well as a chance to leverage experience into another exciting role. Also, it is always okay to start small because, over time, you will be opening yourself up to more amazing opportunities.

Get to Know the Tech Industry or Specific Area That Interests You

A lot of people focus on the work they want and often ignore the industry. It is one thing to have the tech skills to do something, but it is more valuable if you have an understanding of how your role fits into a bigger picture. It includes understanding how companies in your sector work, the issues they are trying to solve, what their culture and values are like, and more.

You have to remember that every tech company is different. The tech industry also has various sub-fields. For example, there are software companies, financial technology, e-commerce, social technology, cloud computing companies, and so on. So, make sure to determine your specialization for you to get a job that you have always dreamed of in the tech industry.

Find Reputable Tech Companies

Although it is okay to apply in any tech company in the industry, it can make a difference in reaching your career goals. Apart from that, not all tech companies are reliable and reputable.

There are tech companies that have a bad reputation in the market but continue to hire more employees. If you do not do your homework, you might end up getting hired at a wrong tech company. So, if you don’t want this to happen to you, make sure to find companies that are known for their good reputation and credentials for you to get the dream job of yours without experiencing any regrets.

Don’t Stop Learning New Tech Skills

As technology continues to change all the time, you have to continue learning new tech skills for you to stay competitive in the tech industry. If you are interested in a career path related to cybersecurity, you have to ensure that you are updated on the latest procedures, tools, and certifications.

Other top tech skills that most employers look for include great programming skills in various programming languages such as Python, Linux, Java, C, or C++. You must also ensure that you understand HTML and structured query language as most businesses have their own websites these days.

If you are just getting started in the tech industry, signing up on various online classes related to technology advances can make a difference to gain new skills in this field.

Present Your Resume Properly

One of the first things that your employer will see is your resume. See to it that you present it properly. Think of the information you need to include. But, make sure to include only the most relevant information like your tech-related work experience if you have any.

It is a good practice to keep your resume simple. Go with a readable typeface and do not make it very small. The standard two-page rule to resumes applies. Don’t give some employers a wrong impression by putting your interests or hobbies. Try to avoid this as much as possible for you to create an effective resume.

Final Thoughts

The tech industry represents both unique opportunities and challenges for people wishing something different in their careers. While the majority of the jobs require formal education, there are other positions that you may work towards with little experience. Entering the tech industry won’t be easy, but with determination, passion, and dedication, you can surely land a job in this industry in no time as long as you keep those tips in mind.

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Team Writer | is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. We are dedicate...

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