Carrier Location Data Giving Ericsson Ad Division a Competitive Advantage

Carrier Location Data Giving Ericsson Ad Division a Competitive Advantage

Ericsson’s mobile advertising and monetization platform, Ericsson Emodo has launched ‘Emodo Audiences’ with an aim to boost the quality of location data in the ad ecosystem. This product uses highly accurate carrier data to pre-verify mobile audiences and inventory and then makes it available through any significant demand-side platform.

With the use of this methodology, advertisers can be assured that they are reaching the intended audiences with the precise messages confirming better Return on investment.

The product has launched at a time where there are a lot of quality related concerns with both media and the data in the digital advertising world. So, although the advertising industry is trying to tackle the media quality issues like fraud and viewability, they have sidelined the data quality issues. Inaccurate data has led to wastage of billions of dollars for ads. And due to the rising instances in mobile ad fraud, it has become even more imperative to find a trustworthy source of data to make sure that the accuracy of campaigns is maintained.

“Data quality is an issue across the entire ad ecosystem. By verifying campaigns against an independent truth set of carrier data, marketers have the ultimate flexibility to create highly targeted, accurate custom segments at scale with mobile-originated data signals,” says Paul Cheng, GM of Ericsson Emodo. “We’re proud to use Ericsson’s extensive network and deep relationships with telco providers to help our customers gain a unique advantage for audience targeting.”

According to Placecast, a location ad tech company that was acquired by Emodo, about 59 percent of exchange-derived location data is of no use. A lot of challenges are due to how the location data is obtained.

“Location data is collected from two sources: the device itself from the sensor or GPS and from the cellular network,” Cheng said. “Carrier data from cell towers is 100% accurate, but not necessarily precise, and GPS data is very precise, but not necessarily accurate. It’s a balancing act between the two.”

Advertisers will be able to use Emodo Audiences as an individual product or as a part of the Emodo Ad Stack which is a set of brand-safe products that are empowered by carrier data. This is developed to solve the most tedious mobile advertising problems. And it can be activated through the DSP of their choice, Emodo’s DSP, or can function as a managed service.

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