InfluencerDB Has a New Global Senior Vice President of Sales
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InfluencerDB Has a New Global Senior Vice President of Sales (WATCH)

InfluencerDB Has a New Global Senior Vice President of Sales

InfluencerDB is boosting its roster of executives and leadership with the appointment of a new sales vice president and marketing vice president.  

InfluencerDB, a worldwide influencer of transparent marketing software, has appointed two of the best in the industry to its team: Jonathan Chanti, formerly of HYPR, Platinum Rye Entertainment, and Innovative Artists as the company’s new Global SVP of Sales, and Gloria Stitt, formerly of Julius Inc, Sharablee, and Avon, as its news VP of Global Marketing.

“I experienced firsthand in 2011 the early effects of social media in marketing. Since then our industry has continued to evolve and like many new channels in marketing, the early days have been challenged with influencer fraud, lack of education, and an over the proliferation of platforms proclaiming to have insights they actually don’t. Having grown up in this industry, I refuse to accept the status quo as my friends, colleagues, and partners deserve real technology and insights,” said Jonathan Chanti.

Chanti added, “InfluencerDB wowed me from the beginning with it’s dedication to transparency, education and firm position on fraud prevention; Truly the champion the industry needs at this time. The API shutdown just allowed the cream to rise to the top.”


Jonathan Chanti, with roots from entertainment marketing and talent acquisition, has turned into a main advocate and confided expert of influencer marketing technology. At Platinum Rye, he opened the principal office in Tel Aviv, staffed and created Platinum Rye’s casting division, assumed a key part in Wix and Viber’s U.S. promoting strategy, and added to the methodology and execution of various campaigns in the interest of P&G. In July 2015, Jonathan saw the course on which the industry was going and chose to join the leadership of another influencer SaaS stage, HYPR. Under Jonathan’s authority, HYPR rotated from a commercial centre formally known as Dollar Social to an Influencer Database.

With great achievements in Europe to their names working with the greatest brands including Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz, Asics, Cluse, Shiseido, Estee Lauder and that’s just the beginning.

InfluencerDB has strategically positioned themselves in the market to focus on gathering audience information with a spotlight on fraud investigation, something that has moved the organization forward amid the Instagram API shutdown in April.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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