3 Primary Challenges CHROs Face
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3 Primary Challenges CHROs Face

Challenges Faced by CHROs

The challenges CHROs are facing are constantly changing thanks to the always evolving business landscape.

CHROs are facing many new challenges with the emergence of global business and new technology. With a proactive plan in place, though, overcoming these challenges will not be an issue for CHROs.

Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) are facing many HR challenges today due to new laws and regulations that differ across jurisdictions and an ever-evolving international labor supply. Due to the many challenges facing human resource management, many CHROs find it difficult to ensure they’re accomplishing the goals they need to so the company can run smoothly. Proper planning, though, can ensure CHROs that they are staying ahead of these challenges and keeping the company running smoothly and successfully.

Human Resources Challenges in the Workplace

There are three main issues most HR professionals agree is a challenge in the workplace.

  1. The first is the difficulty of finding the right talent for the company. CHROs need a good team to help them recruit, hire, train and retain productive members of their company. Many CHROs note that a lack of resources is a huge issue when it comes to finding the right people for the organization. Within a company, all departments are competing for the same resources so it is mandatory that CHROs be proactive and advocate their need for these resources. This lack of resources can negatively affect the company’s interests and therefore a proper amount needs to be allocated to the HR department.
  2. Another challenge faced by the HR department is succession planning and career progression of the people they hire. People are more likely to be engaged more when they know the organization is as concerned about their growth as they are. To ensure new hires feel this way, it is essential for managers, leaders, learning, and development to be aligned to make this happen. Another way to help boost succession planning is to educate new hires of the options available to them to grow within the organization.
  3. The final major current HR issue CHROs are facing is building the right culture for the organization. Most of today’s talent is more interested in a company that allows their voice to be heard, offers them an opportunity to grow, where people are respected, communication is open, feedback is given to help them improve and there is collaboration, more than they’re interested in high compensation.

Issues Involved in Global Human Resource Management

  • Compliance with International Laws
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Benefits & Compensation
  • Training & Development
  • Automation
  • Gig Economy
  • Integration
  • Human Capital Opportunities
  • Corporate Culture

Compliance with international and local laws is a major issue global Human Resource Management (HRM) faces today. Companies doing business in Europe are required to pay a value-added tax and companies hiring employees that are not U.S. citizens may require HR to apply for visas on their behalf. CHROs must ensure they are informed of the legal requirements for the business to avoid legal fines. Cultural diversity adds different work styles, new ideas, and new ways of communicating to the business.

CHROs must also be open to unfamiliar social practices and cultural differences to maintain a successful culturally diverse work environment. Training and development are important for CHROs to stay on top of a global company. Employees need to stay up-to-date with on-the-job knowledge and skills that are essential for completing business globally. It is beneficial for CHROs to offer their employees global training seminars, global networking events and even language classes to ensure their employees are well equipped to accomplish global activities for the company.

Current Issues in Human Resource Management 2018

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Cross-Functional & Cross-Generational Teams
  • Succession Management
  • Embracing & Managing HR Technology
  • Acquiring Top Talent

There are many issues facing HRM today but these five are the top challenges most CHROs agree are the most difficult. With many sexual harassment claims bombarding the news cycle over the last year, companies are having to re-evaluate the way they handle sexual harassment disputes. Major disputes like this, when not handled correctly, can land a company is a lot of hot water. Companies must ensure that their employees feel safe in the workplace and CHROs must ensure all employees comply with necessary company policies and regulations. With the emergence of new generations entering the workforce and older generations still working, it is necessary to create cross-generational teams. Pairing different generations is beneficial for both parties involved because new generations can teach older generations about new technology and older generations can teach new generations about the ins and outs of the business. Acquiring the best talent for the company has been a major struggle for CHROs for years but with new advances in automation, AI and machine learning, that will hopefully soon not be the major issue it currently is.

CHROs are facing many new challenges when it comes to ensuring the company is running smoothly and operating to the best of its ability. When it comes to the challenges CHROs are facing, implementing a concise and proactive plan is the best way to combat these issues. When the right plan is in place, CHROs will have no issue overcoming the many challenges they are currently facing today.

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Emily Pribanic
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