7 of the Best Books on Finance and Technology
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7 of the Best Books on Finance and Technology

7 of the best books on finance and technology

Financial concepts can be daunting to learn as first, but luckily, there are many resources available.

Learn what books can help you learn more about the finance industry.

Knowledge is everything. Famous Brazilian soccer player Pele had once said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do,” suggesting that in order to be successful in a field, one must continue to strive to learn as much as they can.

There are many different categories within finance and technology, such as personal finance, fintech, and investing. Though they are aspects of finance, they can be very different in concepts, meaning that learning one aspect doesn’t meant that you’ll have a deep understanding of the others. Luckily, there are many resources available that can elaborate and explain these concepts in depth and concisely. Here are seven of the top finance books that you should read this year.


Susanne Chisti and Janos Barberis

This book is essentially a comprehensive guide to the fintech industry and provides insightful information and advice to bankers, fintech professionals, and investors looking to put money into the industry. This book offers a lot of needed knowledge and breaks down many concepts. The book was created by CEO of FINTECH Circle, Susanne Chisti, and the founder of SuperCharged, Janos Barberis.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

John C. Bogle

John Bogle is credited with creating one of the first-ever index fund, showing his prowess in investing. He’s also known as the founder of Vanguard Group as well as renowned investor Warren Buffett’s best friend. Warren Buffett has previously recommended this book for aspiring investors. So, if Warren Buffett recommends you a book about investing, it’s probably a good idea that you should at least give it a chance. This book gives an interesting perspective on investing: the stock market is a lose-lose proposition but there is a way for you to turn this fact into your favor. This book aims to challenge the way investors should look at the market so they can optimize their strategy and reap as much of the reward as possible.

You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

Joel Greenblatt

With this book, you can learn different investing strategies from an experienced fund manager who earns 50% returns on the Dow every year. If you’re looking to get ahead of the stock market, this book should be on your reading list because a lot of investors who’ve profited off the 2007 financial crisis have cited this book as a key read.

Dollars and Sense

Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler

Do you ever have trouble thinking about money or considering the opportunity cost of a purchase? Dollars and Sense is a great book that explains these ideas and a must read for professionals within the Fintech industry. The book focuses on how irrational behavior often interferes with managing finances and reveals the emotions that work against users and how to counteract against them. By understanding these motives, fintech professionals can develop better innovations that can help users manage their finances better.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Burton G. Malkiel

Investing can be very daunting as first but with the right resources, you can profit as well. With this Malkiel book, you will learn how to handle your 401(k) and other investments. This is a great introduction for beginners who are trying to dip their toes in the market. It comes with many different definitions for investment terms and concepts, as well as how to use them. If you’re looking to improve your long-term investments, check this book out.

How Money Got Free

Brian Patrick Eha

How Money Got Free focuses on how the financial industry has changed and the implications that have come with it. He breaks down difficult subjects like how Bitcoin works and blockchain as well as the philosophy behind it and how to capitalize on it.


Nir Eyal

Understanding customer behavior is one of the most important aspect of building a product. With this book, Fintech professionals can learn about the psychological processes of building habits and how you can connect these learnings to satisfy the needs of your users. With this knowledge, you can develop the most useful product available.

Finance continues to be one of the most talked about subjects in the world of business. Digital transformation and innovation continues to drive financial institutions in ways that were not thought of just a decade or so ago. The more information and knowledge you have at your disposal, the more you will be able to build habits, cultivate processes, and put concepts and ideas into practice.

Don Q. Dao
Don Q. Dao
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