Hire by Google: Improve Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting

By Marianne Chrisos - Last Updated on June 29, 2021
Hire by Google Improve Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting

Tips to Improve Applicant Tracking and Recruiting

Is Google revolutionizing hiring?

Google has changed our lives over the last few decades. We have access to more information than ever, instantly. It has brought AI into homes and businesses with Google Assistant and companies understand the impact of their websites through Google Analytics. Their algorithms set the standard for how online search functions and businesses rely on Google search – both paid and organic – to help customers find them.

But can Google also be used to help the hiring process?

Google now has its own recruiting software and is partnering with businesses to help source applicants and hire quality candidates. Here’s how it works.

Seamless Integration

Hire – the name of their hiring platform – boasts that it “works with Gmail and Google Calendar to simplify scheduling and communication, and captures all recruiting data and activity in one place.” This feature is an advantage, as it keeps business from having to jump from internal calendars to emails to their hiring software. Plus, more and more small businesses are using G-suite to run certain business administration tasks, like email and document sharing and storage and sharing and scheduling, so Hire is a natural addition to those pieces already in place.

Easier Tracking

The Google ATS – applicant tracking system – makes it easier than ever to find the best candidates and schedule interviews. Google Hire allows you to customize the applicant sourcing process by building in requirements for each job posting – things like coding tests or presentations that can be uploaded to the Google Hire platform as part of the applications process.

Additionally, because Google is the most popular search engine, using Google Hire to create and share job postings with other job platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed can help to increase your job listings presence in search and increase overall visibility to potentially interested applicants.

Google Hire also makes it easier for HR to search potential candidates before or after an interview to find out more about their background. “Google Search provides more background on a candidate by automatically surfacing links to their profiles from sites like LinkedIn®, GitHub, Behance, Stack Overflow, US Patent Database, and others,” their software site says. This automatic integration of searched profiles helps HR make more informed decisions faster and easier.

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Built-In Reporting

Google Hire (PS – Hire by Google is no longer available) has made it easier to run HR-related analytics and provide executive teams or board members with information like time to hire and source efficiency, so you can see in the data if Google Hire is helping you to create a better, faster, and stronger hiring process.


Another useful feature of Google Hire is that you don’t lose any data from past ATS programs. All your previous applicant tracking software can be migrated over to Google Hire so that you can have a more complete and comprehensive picture of all recruiting and hiring activity. Best of all, data migration is free for many businesses that become Google Hire users.

Do you believe that Google Hire has the potential to change the recruitment game? Do you think their applicant sourcing, tracking system, and recruiting potential could be superior to other ATS-tracking-based programs? Has your business tried Google Hire?

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Marianne Chrisos | Born in Salem, Massachusetts, growing up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently living near Dallas, Texas, Marianne is a content writer at a c...

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