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Chief AI Officer: Does Your Company Need to Hire One?

Chief AI Officer Need of Hiring an Artificial Intelligence Head

With AI changing the way business is done, should your next hire be a Chief AI Officer?

Should your next big hire be a chief A.I. officer? Find out if hiring a Chief AI Officer makes sense for your business.

With developments in AI and the ways that AI technology is changing businesses, some companies are asking themselves if it makes sense to hire a Chief AI Officer to handle this growing segment of business development. On the one hand, having an AI professional at the wheel can mean a potentially competitive edge over other organizations. On the other hand, bringing an AI executive on board can be expensive and it’s currently such a new field that many businesses aren’t even sure what they should be looking for when creating a job posting or assigning responsibilities and KPIs.

If you’re asking should your next big hire be a chief AI officer, there are some considerations to make before deciding. Here are some questions for your business to ask if you’re considering bringing on a CAIO:

  • Knowing your current AI positioning, does it make sense to create a new C-suite position, or can these responsibilities report up to the current Chief Information Officer?
  • Who would report up to this position? Does your team currently have AI-specific roles? Would you need to hire or train a team to specialize in AI and support the direction of a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer?
  • What are your overall AI goals? Can you define them without bringing in a new position?
  • Does your budget cover creating an executive level position? Will potential AI developments and enhancements create revenue to pay for the investment?

When hiring for artificial intelligence, you might find your business could use some guidance without committing to an official AI head. If your business isn’t ready to take the plunge to assign a full-fledged Chief AI Officer, you might consider hiring an AI consultant. A consultant can help a business establish AI goals and find solutions that work for them without creating an entirely new department or position and potentially risking department silos and fragmented communication. It allows a business intelligence with some flexibility and without a premature commitment. Whether you decide to commit to a fulltime hire or work with a contractor, here are some qualities to look for in AI leader:

  • Highly motivated
  • Years of experience in tech leadership and information systems strategy
  • Experience with leading diverse teams
  • Experience with goal-setting and strategy, especially in unproven, untested, or relatively new markets
  • Proven experience in data analysis and product development
  • Proven history in creative problem solving and risk management

Should your next big hire be a chief AI officer? As AI grows, there will certainly be a need for leadership in businesses that are deploying it, but it may not be needed right away. The answer will vary for every business. Some businesses are only interested in how AI can help them create internal solutions that maximize productivity and data analysis, while other organizations are hoping to create new AI technologies that interact with customers or create strategies for future products. Finding the right AI leadership fit for your company will depend on your budget, as well as your goals and strategies surrounding AI and how it relates to your business.

Marianne Chrisos
Marianne Chrisos
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